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  • The film makes many references to the beliefs and work of Tupac Shakur. On the night of Tupac’s murder (Sept. 13, 1996), he was riding in a black 1996 BMW 7 Series sedan with chrome custom rims- driven by Suge Knight. In this film, King (the film’s antagonist) drives a late-model, black BMW 7-Series sedan with chrome, custom rims.
  • Kian Lawley was initially cast as Chris but was replaced by KJ Apa after videos surfaced on YouTube of Lawley using racially offensive slurs.
  • Received the very rare A+ CinemaScore rating by audiences.
  • The first letters of the title “The Hate U Give” spell out the word “Thug”
  • Movie adaptation of Angie Thomas’ book of the same name.
  • The film premiered at TIFF in Canada in September 2018.
  • THUG LIFE is an Acronym that was invented by 2Pac, its full meaning is THE HATE U GIVE LITTLE INFANTS F***S EVERYBODY, its been abbreviated for this film, but 2PAC invented the acronym.
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