The Streets Say …?

Based on the first letters of the title “The Hate U Give”, this critically acclaimed movie is now popularly known as “THUG”. And we respect that because the plot is quintessentially thuggish. Here is what the streets are saying:

Left me emotional and wanting to help my community!

CreativeSoul_2214 October 2018
I felt the need to make an account just to leave this review! The Hate U Give is an inspirational, thought provoking and very real movie. I think my eyes were dry for less than five minutes throughout. Really loved the characters and the acting was really on point and I was able to connect to each and every one of them.

Thought provoking

arjack-5744612 October 2018
I felt every emotion watching this movie!!!! Glad that they made a movie to represent what’s going on in the world.

Such an important movie

chrisgarriga7 October 2018
Watched the movie with my 14 year old daughter. The movie was engaging from the start. Amazing story and strong performances, deliver a topical and important message. Bring tissues.

A movie everyone should watch

imdb-5729113 October 2018
An uncomfortable, thought-provoking story about a black family living in present-day America that explores racism, identify, and relationships.

As good as the book!

sparkyoungupstart6 October 2018
I was a huge fan of the book last year and this film is expertly made. It does so much justice to the story, the characters, and the message. I’m so glad it turned out this good!

Just an amazing film.

jennifercayanan-0518814 October 2018
I am an avid book reader, The Hate U Give was the first book in a long time to move me and actually made me fall in love with reading again. I believe the movie did the book justice and it took a serious look at police brutality and the black lives matter movement as well as complexities of what it may feel and be like to live as a poc (specifically African American). I admit, this movie may make you feel uncomfortable, there was also times where you have comedic relief and where you may even cry and feel. Overall I think it was an amazing film with great acting, and very important topics that we’re showcased in a way to make the viewer think. It follows Starr and her world as she has to deal with a friend who was shot in cold blood by the police and the complexities of standing up for her while it seems like most the world around her want to discredit and tear her down.

This is a very good movie

e-malimenkova6 October 2018
Not sure why the rating is so low. I liked it a lot. And I’m Russian

very effective story telling

kellyjoe8 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
As someone that comes from out side America this movie goes a long way in showing both sides of race issues and the police shooting of unarmed black people. It calls a lot of people out and asks them to look at it from a different point of view. The cast is brilliant, its worth your time.

Emotional & timely!

neatrice16 October 2018
I was afraid the movie would not do the book justice. I was wrong! Loved both! A must see!!


dawillia-837527 October 2018
This movie displays the fear some African Americans face in their communities in relation to the police, as well as their violent surroundings. With that being said it is not a movie to spread hatred. Instead, the movie basically tries to be informative to increase awareness and help other ethnicities to understand people of color. Our struggle, our pain, our strength, our culture and the need for justice not just from the police but from our own people.

A movie everyone should see!

scottjsport8 October 2018
I Just saw a secret screening of this movie , I didn’t know it was going to be this film , so I had no expectations and went in with a clear mind. All I can say is wow, you will be taken on a ride on all different emotions and come out the cinema feeling touched. This movie is not a huge blockbuster and not alot people will know how about it but people should know about it and it’s a movie everyone should see!

Thought provoking on a real issue whether you like it or not

arnavgarg7 October 2018
Deny all you want, fact remains that innocent people including kids have been been murdered by our so called protective police force. This film looks into this troubling issue through critical lens.


ttshaw-1469514 October 2018
By far this is the one of the best movies I’ve saw before. It was insightful, poignant, and highlighted the unique dilemmas facing “African American Community” today.

Well worth watching

carlycroch12 October 2018
Read the book and have been excited to see the movie ever since I heard who was in the cast. It did not disappoint! They did a wonderful job of adapting it and giving the book readers something new to enjoy.

It WILL touch your heart

tiffanyshaw887 October 2018
Racism is real. This movie is the first example I’ve seen of a movie that provides sensitivity to such a “controversial” subject. People in the theatre were crying and comforting each other during and after the movie. Philando, Trayvon, Sandra, Tamir and others who have died at the hands of an officer, the murders been shown on the news constantly can traumatize a person. This movie became a safe space and a conversation starter. How do you discuss police brutality? How do you discuss injustice? I encourage everyone to watch this movie. It may open your eyes to something you never noticed. Bring tissues.


meloniecarolynanderson15 October 2018
I loved this movie. There were so many scenes where I had to fight back tears. I hope people watch this movie and feel inspired to change the world for the better as I did

Powerful story

rparkerfpfa8 October 2018
The film has a very powerful message that everyone should be treated equally and it gripped me from the vatal scene to the end and that’s testiment to the actors who were all brilliant.

Really drives the point home

derrianrobinson14 October 2018
I read the book before I watched the movie, and I’m glad I did. The movie had very strong points and character portrayal. I was a but disappointed that Devante was eliminated from the movie since he became a key character at the end of the book. Nevertheless, I was extremely impressed with the switch up at the end. I believe the movie did a solid job shedding light on the issue at hand that non-readers would have otherwise overlooked not reading the novel.

Saw this in a secret screening

lucyhdouglas16 October 2018
I feel like the people who have given this a very low rating are probably people who don’t actually realise that this kind of stuff that the film is based on is actually happening in the world. That black people are less advantaged to white people. That they are actually killed by white cops.

Yes, this film had some scenes where it had that teen movie feel but it brought it all together and made a brilliant film with a strong, thought-provoking message that needs to be told, and that needs to be heard.

I HIGHLY recommend that everyone sees this film.

Great writing and riveting drama

seeweare8 October 2018
Just watched the movie ‘The Hate U Give’ at a secret screening. It is a powerful, riveting drama and a must watch. Kudos to screen writers for such a balanced mix of love and hate, silence and protest, courage and fear, facts and prejudices, and overall an honest and fearless portrayal of enemy outside and within. I am amazed at the moral clarity of the writer.

Strong cast with a stronger message
andythorntonhebburnnewca8 October 2018
Seen this at a secret screening and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it as the film looked aimed at teens but the core message of the film landed well.

A tough film on today’s society

conn-574418 October 2018
Like last years ‘Detroit’, ‘The hate u give’, is a tough film to get through, but not in a bad way whatsoever. The film sees Starr (played amazingly by Amandla Stenberg, keep an eye out for this one she’s going places) witness a childhood friend wrongly murdered by a police officer, and shows how she deals with this incident and whether or not she should stay quiet or change her life and become public to testify for her deceased friend. This film is obviously going to be a touchy subject, but I believe it does a fine job of telling this story. Seeing the impact this murder has on the black community is truly upsetting, and seeing how Starr and her family try to cope with the situation really did get to me. The one thing that I did like this film also did (without going into spoilers), is how in one scene a black cop explaining what he would do if he suspected a white man to be hiding a gun on himself, it’s a scene that really is thought provoking and one that makes you realise how today’s society lives out. Another neat little touch this film has is it’s lighting contrasts between Starr’s home and her upper class school, it really gives you a feel that these are two completely separate places that helps the film show a split in class. My only issue with this film is perhaps the beginning is a little slow with a bit too much exposition to take in. Overall however this film is a great example of what is happening in today’s day and age, with great performances ( Anthony Mackie as a complete turnaround from his Falcon days and Russell Hornsby as one of my new favourite on-screen dads), like I said before this is a tough film, but for sure makes you think once it’s over.

More of a documentary

gridlinkedgabbleduck15 October 2018
While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I can’t help but wonder what reality people who give this moveie a 1 live in. Along with their ludicrous claims to the event at which they saw the movie, I can only assume they are trolling. I say it’s more like a documentary because this movie is true to life as was the book. The actors we’re stellar. There were some spots where the story became contrived and in places I felt that in real life it probably would have gotten worse for the characters. The big question is if it will open the eyes of Americans who are living in their sweet privileged little world’s? Will they even bother to see a “black” movie? I hope so. I’ve been very aware of how our system truly treats people of color and I still wasn’t ready for this film. It’s viceral. If you shed not a single tear, you need to reevaluate your way of life.

Utterly mesmerising

ben-vadgama8 October 2018
Watched this movie on a secret Screening, as soon as I watched the opening credits I was tempted to walk out as this type of movie is not the kind of movie I usually go to see. I glad I stayed and saw this. Absolutely mesmerising movie that delivers the harsh realities facing black America.

Solid film with exceptional performances!

GF14 October 2018
Gets a little ‘Hollywood” at end, but the superb performances pull you right through. Expecting some acting noms!

Powerful story

rparkerfpfa8 October 2018
The film has a very powerful message that everyone should be treated equally and it gripped me from the vatal scene to the end and that’s testiment to the actors who were all brilliant.

Solid film with exceptional performances!

GF14 October 2018
Gets a little ‘Hollywood” at end, but the superb performances pull you right through. Expecting some acting noms!

great story

leahpurton8 October 2018
At first I thought this movie was going to be a teen rom com but was not that at all. This movies is powerful with the message it brings across. definitely recommend!!!

Amazing and relatable

tatiyanstepney2613 October 2018
I couldn’t hold back tears. From reading some of the other reviews, it is clear that the message of this film was lost on many people, but I’m happy that it was still told. Black Lives Matter. While the film discusses serious and heartbreaking topics, it still manages to slip in some comedy. Highly recommend (even with the whitewash casting)

Good movie show reality

luningyuan-236878 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The aside at the beginning of the film was too long, and the deliberate depiction of the shoes in the film slowed down the rhythm of the first 15 minutes of the film. The King line exists in the film is a big BUG, not enough to become the main factor hindering the heroine to be quiet. The overall film has a tight rhythm, except for the first 15 minutes, which is a step-by-step demonstration the the heroine’s journey of turning into a rebellion, after seeing the friend after being shot by the police. After some modifies could be a good Oscar movie.

A Perspective Film

ebkamikaze4 October 2018
I believe this film creates an opportunity to open the eyes of someone not privy to our perspective. Sometimes they have to see these issues play out in front of them. A story or speech may not reach deep enough to connect you to the heart of people who have suffered loss and live in a near impossible situation. If you just see it as a I HATE WHITES movie, you’ve missed the point. Dig deeper.

Do I have some criticisms, of course. Some scenarios are obvious slaves to plot progression. One argument could be that only 1-2 characters had a complete arc and that some questions were left unanswered. Well, I agree. That’s art imitating life.

I believe the dialogue regarding the title of the film was clever and introspective that I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. It also asks me to form MY OWN opinion of the phrase’s meaning. So: Mission Accomplished.

I’d say the acting was pretty good. Not the biggest fan of the language but unfortunately I know I’m in the minority there. Every character performed. It was exciting to see Anthony Mackie in this role. I think he sold it. Seven’s actor stole his scenes. I believe that Common was allowed him to play himself, because a farther reach may not be believable. Amandla is something special. She is such a star and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her.

Im proud to have seen it and it has the opportunity to open the eyes of some so blinded by their own privilege 8.5/10

Surprisingly nuanced; undeniably effective

neilahunter5 October 2018
I note the very large number of one star reviews of a film that has only played festivals – hmm, that’s curious. What could that be about?

For the record (and I’m not the film’s target audience) this is a rather sophisticated YA film, a mix of teen romance, female self-empowerment, and the politics of Black Lives Matter. Chewy subject matter – police violence, the unconscious racism of bien-pensant privileged whites, divisions within the black community – is treated quite interestingly. There are contrivances, but for all that, it’s very well done and I suspect it will be a hit.

Powerful and thought provoking

kirklaird9489 October 2018
I watched this film at a Cineworld secret Unlimited screening on 8 October. I would like to say it was superb. But bearing in mind the subject matter, though it is an excellently made film, Powerful is more apt.

Without giving too much away, it highlights the divide and different attitudes from both sides of American colour.

I didn’t know what to expect with this film, not even knowing the title. Well worth the time investment seeing it.

A commentary on the troubles of society

bigmekdanskull9 October 2018
As a white guy who’s spent all of his life in England, it’s hard for me to relate to most of the issues raised in this movie. However I feel the actors did a fantastic job of helping me see from the characters perspective, in what is undoubtedly tricky subject matter.

I found Russell Hornsby’s portrayal of a father who’s lead a colourful life, leaving it behind to concentrate on raising his children in what he sees as the right way, particularly compelling.

Amandla Stenberg was fantastic in the lead role. A teenager struggling to deal with the loss of a friend, and the injustice that follows. The feeling of barely contained rage was palpable in some scenes.

There is strong theme of societal injustice throughout the movie. The blame isn’t placed squarely at the door of “white America” as some have suggested. The film doesn’t shy away from gang & drug problems that plague communities across America & the wider world.

I feel like its a shame, that one of the few scenes that detract from my overall enjoyment of this movie, was the films most pivotal scene. I felt no real sense of injustice attached to this. If I was pulled over by a cop in the US, I’m doing exactly what he/she tells me. Instead the character Khalil (Algee Smith) decides it’s the right time to have some fun with his friend Starr (Stenberg). This leads to his death, and while racial profiling certainly had a part to play in the incident, the actions of Khalil ultimately were what lead to his demise. Perhaps the way I view this scene says more about my place in society, or society as a whole, but it’s hard for me to see it any other way. It’s interesting that later in the film, a scene between Starr & her uncle Carlos (portrayed by Common) gives us some insight into what would have been going through the cops head as he carried out the traffic stop.

Overall I thought it was a good movie with some emotional & tense scenes, acted very well & is definitely one to watch.

“The Hate U Give” vs. “Monsters and Men”, and the winner is…

paul-allaer13 October 2018
“The Hate U Give” (2018 release; 132 min.) brings the story of Starr Carter, a 16 yr. old, and her family and friends. As the movie opens, dad talks to young Starr (age 9) and her siblings about what to do and not to do when pulled over by the cops. We then flash forward to today: dad owns a convenience store in crime-infested Garden Heights, and mom is a nurse. Starr and her 2 siblings attend a private school away from Garden Heights, leading Starr to comment in the voice-over that there is versions 1 and 2 of her. Then one day Starr reconnects with childhood friend Khalil at a party. When a shooting breaks out, they make their getaway in Khalil’s car. Alas, they are pulled over (for no apparent reason) and Khalil, disobeying the white cop’s strict orders, is shot and killed, to Starr’s shock. At this point we are 15 min. into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the big screen adaptation of the best-seller of the same name. I haven’t read the book so I cannot comment how faithful the movie remains to the book. The movie is directed by George Tillman Jr., best known for producing the “Barbershop” movies but who a few years ago directed the outstanding film “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”, one of my favorite movies of 2013. Here he tackles a topic that seems to be all over the big screen these days: police brutality (in particular: white cop shoots unarmed black man}. Let’s be clear: it is a serious problem, and it needs to stop. Regretfully, in “The Hate U Give”, this message is brought with the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. There is not a single decent white person (let alone cop) in the movie, and there is no ‘bad’ African-American (but for the token drug king). As it happens, I recently saw another movie on (more or less) the same topic: “Monsters and Men” (starring John David Washington). The contrast between these 2 movies is noticeable. In “Monsters and Men”, there is a nuance of the facts that makes these issues so much more complex and believable that is sadly lacking in “The Hate U Give”. That is not to say that “The Hate U Give” is a bad movie. Amandla Stenberg brings a powerful performance as Starr, and surely we will see lots more of her in the years to come. In contrast, Sabrina Carpenter (as Starr’s best friend at school) is pretty much a disaster. Bottom line: when it comes to comparing “The Hate U Give” against “Monsters and Men”, it is clear to me that “Monsters and Men” is the better movie.

“The Hate U Give” recently opened, and the early evening screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was attended okay but not great (about 15 people, and I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only one who was not African-American). If you are interested in this important social issue, I’d suggest you check this out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion. (And I suggest you do likewise with “Monsters and Men”.)

The True Issue

beyoungyou12 October 2018
Good movie but the real issue takes a back seat. Race isn’t the issue, but rather haves v have-nots. Financial inequality and uneven distribution of wealth is the real problem. Liked the movie though!

Saw it at a secret screening

jamiecfc18 October 2018
Probably not something I would have seen otherwise but a very thought provoking pretty well made film. At times it comes over as anti police and sometimes even anti whites but it does make a point even if you don’t necessarily want to hear it about how easy it is to be led down the wrong path, and at a very young age, and sometimes it’s hard to do the “wrong thing”. Has some funny moments & some poignant moments and worth a watch, if you have a spare couple of hours, but for me not something I’d rush to see again.

The Hate U Give

frankamartin-8082016 October 2018
The hate you give can only go so far with a script below pare and a wonky execution. There were moments where the plot couldn’t figure out what was their main focus. But with the occasional empathic moments, this film entertains (at times) but nothing more.

Just not a good film

stuart-bullard10 October 2018
Nothing in this film was new, it was just rehashed stereotypes (fairly offensive stereotypes to people who would get offended) The acting was genuinely poor. The long build up of getting to know characters while the story doesn’t progress… Typical of bad films. Please please please can we stop making films of this caliber.

Avoid This At All Costs

martimusross17 October 2018
This was less of a movie more of a political rant, at the heart of it lay a black community riddled by a societal lack of opportunity, violent gangs, drug culture and endemic gun use.

The movie sets out to establish and blame white society with the “widely held” belief in black society that there lies a conscious and active conspiracy to oppress and abuse them for their lives and life styles. This is disturbing realised in a series of emotive set pieces that deeply trivialise the real issues that lay at the heart of dysfunctional communities and presents no reasoned way forward.

The real issues are firstly America’s gun laws, secondly a welfare state and lastly affordable education.

This movie on every level is a disaster and should by avoided as it just promotes division and outrage by its shallow emphasis of one set of facts over another without tackling at all the real underlying issues that follow from American gun culture.

Such a disappointment

christiankirk-4101817 October 2018
From the problematic colorism, to the message of powerlessness and the pedestrian script writing, the film lacked the insight required of any film to be considered socially conscious in the age of modern police violence and activism. My assessment is that Tillman was I’ll equipped to handle this subject matter. It felt like an over-hyped after-school special written by white people about the black condition. It was terrible. I wanted to walk out.

Poor film.

bgup9 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This film is very a poor film. It takes a good half hour before the story starts by the shooting of the black Male. The acting at points js very poor.

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