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Street Ratings of The Chi – From High to Low

Great Show: Support the environments of Chicago!!!

cmc239222 August 2018
Black lives Matter today since Shameless. Although it was a little very confusing story to follow but the show portray young adolescents in coming-of- age. I will not go into criticism. Confusion of this story had difficult followed along of where idea originally come from. Possibly, good guess called more Stand By Me because it showing mots dead bodies. Second it may came from Charles Dicken or Peanuts. So far, believe more Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer spy on neighbor crimes. The part quite similar Detective Conan, Monster Squad or Goonies, yet is no-no real fantasy but it is compare probably Stephen King’s’ IT( a little bit) and Stand by Me mostly. The show overall feel more complexity with confusion of episodes of following in Chicago but the show has great African-American casts with great actings. THs how has great drama of crime detectives with young teens which is very underrated. There are no Asian in real spoilers learn difference suburban neighbors in society was like today.

Real chicago

rogerthatrodger-0573610 March 2018
Best tv show out right now. Watch the first episode and you’ll fall quickly into the show.


rogerthatrodger-057366 March 2018
I want to tell everybody that this show is a great show. First episode will get you hooked. I just can’t wait for Sunday for this to be on.

Surpasses ten star

cathymac-368314 April 2018
I’m not sure why so many 9-star reviews and why so few 10-star reviews. Perhaps because there was no snow, sleet, rain or ice? It is Chicago, after all. People should be either freezing their asses or sweating from our hot/humid summers. But this is by far the best I have seen in years, if not ever. I love these people! (And that’s coming from a north shore woman.) You all have successfully destroyed my writing career. I can never measure up

Very interesting

jaxsyn-213943 April 2018
A well made drama, with a perspective from all points of view. A show not like any I have viewed!


caduceus268 August 2018
“The Wire” was a great series. However, comparing “The Chi” with “The Wire” misses the deep and intimate development of the principle characters in this series. The complex and contradictory interactions and relationships makes The Chi” one of the best shows to air in years.

I’m from Chicago

hurtbeezy30 January 2018
This show portrays how Chicago really cam be even when you are booty in the streets. Things just go sideways, stories get crossed. Common was the perfect guy to be a part of this. One of the most realistic shows on TV right now. Ppl that don’t rate this show 7 or higher is either hating because its great black show and/or Don’t understand the realities of “the hood”. Guys from the hood are probsbly not on imdb rating shows and writing reviews so I’ll do it for them. GREAT SHOW LITERALLY

Great Series

martinmuroria19 August 2018
Great Series with many twists and turns!I was hooked up from the pilot episode.

Better than you think

Bryan-23 September 2018
I’m glad I gave this show a chance, it really surprised me. Each episode has built on the last. The show has balls, not afraid to kill off it’s characters. I respect that. A 7.4 seems low to me.


columbiahunny2211 June 2018
Living in a somewhat rough urban neighborhood, I found the portrayal of the characters and situations in this show to be extremely authentic. The character development, storylines, dialogue and music selections were all on point. Some situations were maybe a tad on the dramatic side, but this is a scripted TV drama after all. I was pleased that one of the child actors provided some comic relief in later episodes to balance out the darkness and violence in earlier episodes. The finale was perfectly directed, and I cannot wait for a new season! Fans of The Wire, Atlanta and even The Sopranos will probably enjoy this show.

Remember the wire?

bentalk23 February 2018
Love the character development here. Love that there’s some more reality behind the good/bad guys – and to understand them, however bad they are, means you can’t help but feel a little love for them.


jamesmitchell-6837413 February 2018
I have never reviewed a show or movie before. I feel that this show is probably more realistic than some reviewers are giving credit. I listened to an interview from the writer of this show and she is from Chicago. From what I understood, her goal was to take a murder and build from that. To show the audience the ripples that the murder we see on the news actually has on the people in a neighbourhood like this. Most of the characters are good people but the murder of that one person creates consequences and impacts all those around. To think this is fiction or couldn’t happen is naive in the world we currently live in. I agree with the one reviewer who compared it to The Wire. An excellent show with great writing and acting.


mike-499-20587119 February 2018
The Chi is one of the best shows to air in a long time. Watching it after the utter dross that is MacMafia reminded me of how good television should look and feel. The writers take their time to introduce you to the characters, and give them space to develop. A rare thing these days. It’s been compared to The Wire, and there are definite similarities (obviously no bad thing), but The Chi has a vibe all of it’s own and gradually hooks you in. Most shows aim to have someone on screen you can empathise with, or at least identify with, but here there are so many members of the cast you genuinely want to go along with for the ride. I’m surprised this show doesn’t have a higher rating. From the reviews so far it’s clear some people just don’t get it, or have the time to let something grow, but this is top class television and I hope it gets the audience it clearly deserves.

A must watch

sophiehall-7460427 February 2018
Its my very first time of reviewing a show. The show highlights the true nature of whats going in Chicago. This is the reality for a lot of people who live in community especially in the ghetto. I thought that the show was great with exceptional talents. Absolute must watch!!! I read one of the comments saying that the show is vile and rated it one star due to the fact that a 10 year is going round using profound language – get over yourself its the world in which we are living in. Give it a chance.

Entertaining? How about through the wall

therealbenz29 January 2018
The Chi is nothing to look past. From incredible character development to an intense plot this series will keep you on your toes. It’s very hard to find an authentic series but this one is just that. Look no more The Chi has arrived.

Easily one of the best shows on TV now

ksdouglas-2361822 January 2018
I’ll tell you straight up, I’m from Chicago long time resident of the South Side and this show is by far the best portrayal of the South Side I have ever seen on TV. The Chi doesn’t pull any punches and we get a show were the characters are so complicated and diverse, and the chemistry between them all is just so well balanced. The best way I can describe this show is like a fine tuned wristwatch. Don’t go into this show thinking its all about gangs and poor black people living on food stamps.

As a citizen of Chicago living on the South Side, I am glad this show is showcasing how everyday life is. You watch the news and all you hear is “there was another shooting, possibly gang related.’ Hence the words “Gang Related’ this is the media’s attempt to write off the violence that occurs in SOME not ALL of the communities on the South Side. Whenever I hear a shooting was a so-called gang hit on the news, I just shake my head. Most if not 100% of the time, shootings are the result of beefs or feuds between peoples that are not linked to a gang. And this show the Chi hits that mark square on with its first episode and its continuation. And also 100% of those shootings happen to be mistaken identity or what have you.

But moving away from the shootings and the gangs and all that, the South Side of Chicago is so much more than this. In the Chi. the creators of the show have highlighted these aspects, things people even living in Chicago do not know about.

If you’re a TV buff with a taste for an authentic storyline, try the Chi. You won’t disappointed.

Realistic portrayal is always welcome

Yogibearz14 March 2018
I really liked this first season! True to life without the Hollywood shenanigans..and it’s black actors doing their best at portraying their reality without having to get political in the sense of “them and us” up&coming story..and I appreciate that in this political climate. Amazing performances from most of the cast but the ones that stick out is Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Jason Mitchell & especially Steven Williams! I wish Steven Williams would have been in the wire, he is that good in this series! All in all; a good series that has potential to be great ( same for snowfall).

For fans of The Wire!

Nickdodger21 March 2018
This is a good show, but like almost all content on Showtime it falls short of greatness. If you liked The Wire you will likely love this.


e-smith-225 March 2018
Story archs are mesmerizing and authentic. They leave the viewers anxious for the next episode. Would love to binge watch at the end of each season.

Very much “The Wire” like

edgar-turner24 January 2018
Love the scenes of Chicago. I am guessing it’s the southside. I’ve never seen the inner city of Chi Town. It tells the story of how it is and how one person’s actions affects others. I like the humor mixed with the tough life. It’s very real.

good series

savagechico19 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I think the plot was well written. And some of the characters were rather compelling, my personal favorites were Jake, Brandon and Emmett. The only thing I will say, is that if you’re looking for a gritty crime story. This isn’t it. While it does contain crime and murder, I believe the more slice of life type stuff takes center stage. My main critique is that the crime elements weren’t as true to life as i’d like. Coming from the streets, and being locked up… I know that gang politics arent the way they’re portrayed in the show. Another critique is that Ronnie’s story got stale after a while, his story just dragged on and wasn’t interesting after the coogi situation ended with a gunshot. Even though he got locked up in the end and I’m presuming their gonna focus on his prison time next season.

Unrealistic “realism”

stevepasekagile24 June 2018
Not sure what they are aiming for, but the overall tone swings from the often seen meme of urban desperation to silly comic scenes that just seem artificial.

I wanted to see it because they shoot much of it in my neighborhood, but they just get a lot of details wrong. In Chicago, softball doesn’t use gloves, it is 16 inch, and everybody knows that, apparently except Ms. Waithe, who was born in the city, but moved to the suburbs before high school.

The Chicago cops are literally caricatures of “good cop / bad cop”, and the procedural element of the plot seems like recycled Naked City scripts. The cops exist only for exposition purposes.

The characters seem a little naive for people who grew up in the city, and the bad guys are obvious and smooth like in the movies instead of mostly filled with boredom and random rage like in the real world.

So there isn’t anything new here and it doesn’t represent Chicago the way anyone here knows it. If you call something “The Chi”, at least do enough homework to get the mise en scene right.

There are some ideas struggling to appear, about class and community, but they are obscured by melodrama and implausible plot turns.


susanmarconi21 January 2018
Do we really need to hear the 10 year olds using gutter profane language, slinking through their elementary school hallways like a band of thugs using every manner of degenerate behaviour that was once at least reserved for hormonal teenagers? I don’t care that you are trying to show the “real” deal about Chicago…it’s just gross. It is in no way artistic or enlightening to portray children this way to try and get your point across about the identity of this city. Will not watch this trash. By the way…I love Chicago.



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