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Crown Heights – Street Reviews Well, well, well … here’s what they are saying from the highest to lowest rating: 10/10 Necessary and Powerful nikisaintclair14 January 2018 This is a deeply important movie, honestly and beautifully, told. The acting was impeccable and the score was beautiful. The story is truly powerful. Every American should see this movie. We need to understand ...[Read More]

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Crown Heights actors on the pain of injustice

Crown Heights actors on the pain of injustice Colin Warner hopes that when audiences see “Crown Heights” it infuriates them. “I want people to get so angry that it makes them want to do something,” he told CNN. “Anything to help another human being.” The film is a dramatization of Warner’s story of being imprisoned for more than two decades for a murder he...[Read More]

Crown Heights

Courtroom Docudrama Recounts Real-Life Miscarriage of Justice In the spring of 1980, Colin Warner (Lakeith Stanfield) was wrongfully accused of murder on the streets of Brooklyn by a 15 year-old juvenile delinquent (Skylan Brooks) who picked him out of a photo lineup provided by the police. That supposed "eyewitness" testimony was the only evidence linking Colin to the crime, but it didn't prev...[Read More]

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