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  • The original soundtrack is produced by Future.
  • The code Eddie uses to open the safe in Priest’s office is 123456.
  • The film director, Director X l, a.k.a Little X, was a visual consultant on director Hype William’s 1998 classic “hood” film: Belly. Some of the visual aesthetics seen in Belly are updated in SuperFly.
  • Spoilers
    The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

  • In a flashback scene, Priest’s mentor Scatter (Michael K. Williams) explains to him in an analogy that “a tiger has stripes and a lion has a mane to warn other animals not to mess with them.” This can be inferred as the reason why Priest wears his hair in a noticeable blowout process, to distinguish himself as dominant and apart from others.
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