Street Reactions to Superfly (2018)

First I looked at the trailer….what a kick…then I looked at the movie…what a kick.. The acting….the plot…the genre…the dramaturgy… what a kick… It was literally a kick in the groin… by AR staff. There you have it.

But seriously, if you walk into Superfly with the intention of not taking it seriously….it’s actually pretty fun for all the wrong reasons. What makes Superfly work is its jaded views on street credibility and several of the lead actors to bring some much needed levity to what is a rip-off of every crime drama that came before it.

Anyway, following are samples of what moviegoers are saying on the streets:

Don’t Believe The Negativity! This Movie Is Great!
nettecumma15 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I come from the era of Donald Goines books, where I was first introduced to his book named “Street Players”. Goines book followed the lives of people of African descent living the fast life, making money, partying and enjoying their world their way. SuperFly in my opinion is a reincarnation of Goines book with a 2018 feel to it.

The movie follows the life of SuperFly (Trevor Jackson) who is a prominent drug dealer in his home town. He has loyal friends, a great operation, more money than most people will see in a life time, two beautiful women in his life and a great mentor. However, he becomes weary of participating in the drug game and seeks to find a way out, by any means necessary.

From the moment I sat down in the theater, and the movie began my eyes were glued to the screen. The actors did a masterful job at playing roles that are common in every day life. SuperFly is the good guy caught up in a life of luxury that he attained illegally. Juju is the jealous one, the hater who represents people who spew hate when they are unhappy seeing others win. Eddie is the loyal best friend to SuperFly who will protect his friend at all costs. Lastly, there is Georgia who is SuperFly’s ride or die, his love of his life and his inspiration. These characters stood out the most to me because they were true to my lived life experiences.

These characters cannot be understood by people who are too privileged to understand the struggle. They will see this movie as difficult to understand , and maybe even a “waste of time”. However, in all actuality this movie can resonate deeply with all people who try to understand the plot and the characters that are all intertwined in the web of events that occur throughout the movie.

This movie will leave a lasting impact on each person who takes the time out to see this film. Pay attention to what’s occurring in the movie, take your time to analyze each scene and then compare it to your life. Don’t just focus on the glitz, glamour and gang rivalry. Rather, enthrall yourself in the ideas that the movie is trying to convey. Director X and all those involved did an amazing job with this movie. My 14 dollar ticket was well worth the money.

Someone successfully turned your favorite Hip Hop video into a feature film.
subxerogravity15 June 2018
It’s like the ultimate male fantasy come to life!

Priest is the king of the drug game in Atlanta, his head so strongly connected to his shoulders he does not need to bring a gun to a gun fight (And that’s why it was so important to advertise it’s from the producers of the matrix). He has the perfect life running the game with his boy and sharing his bed with not one but two hot chicks who don’t mind sharing at all, as he runs his house like a true king, but one day he realizes he no longer has the mind set for the game and needs to do one last big score and get out before he gets got.

It’s like if Disney was making a movie about a drug dealer. This dude Superfly is so perfect. In that way it’s the perfect homage not just to the original movie but to the blaxpolation era altogether (both positive and negative) with their imagery of a brother who’s near perfect.

But I have to admit, I would not have expected a movie like this in the times we are living in. It appeals so heavily to a male psyche the world is trying to change. Obviously mine has not, because I loved this flick. The producers of the Matrix (as the poster advertised) loaded it with so much Style and action (plus hot naked women) that I can’t help but to enjoy.

Something tells me this is going to be my guilty pleasure.

Bingemare16 September 2018
Everything about this movie is just too predictable and looks like much thought wasn’t put into it. There were just too many irrelevant scenes in this movie which didn’t need to be screened.

The worst part about this movie is that it seemed like an advert for the Lexus sports car the main character drove as the panning and camera angles were irrelevant.

Overall, it was a subpar movie.

When Worldstar meets The Chappelle show
kbrown76018 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I went in with an open mind but that quickly changed. Seeing how relevant the original was to the times.(although it was also panned by the NAACP as glorifying street life). The lead in the original at least had the viewer understanding his angst as he wanted out. This version , I don’t even know or care why he’s disillusioned. The females representations are embarrassing .The Snow Patrol was straight out of a cartoon..(cleaning bill must be a mother). New Jack City was a better story on a drug dealer. You loved or hated Nino, but you had an opinion.. I particularly hated the gun play and Car chases.. In the original, I don’t remember anybody getting shot.. This was just a way to get the shoot-em up fans and the Fast and Furious fans together.. I just think this was a story that didn’t need to be remade..

mjlower-2899113 July 2018
I kinda expected this movie to suck considering it was made by a guy who’s so arrogant to call himself “Director X”. The plot was thin the acting was bad. I do have to say one positive thing though, the idea of the film was a good one just poorly executed. 1/10 Thanks for reading my opinion on this flick. My review is too short apparently so let me see what else I can think of here… I did like the actor who played the lead, can’t remember his name but I liked his style.

This movie will attract flies… Super flies… because this movie…
mindbender230215 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
…Super stinks!

What is the point of all the remakes? What’s next? Titanic? “This time, the ship doesn’t sink because there are no icebergs thanks to global warming”… And wait for the dubstep music as Pjagck and Rowsche (with the modern douchebag spelling of normal names) twerk and do doggystyle in the ship’s parking garage.

Ron O’Neal was Youngblood Priest. Carl Lee was Eddie. Curtis Mayfield was the maestro behind the soundtrack. Together they made the original, proper Superfly.

The 2018 remake is just as appealing as chewing already chewed gum.

wryanjump26 June 2018
That hair

That HORRIBLE hair

Yup… never gonna take a man with that hair seriously

It’s Garbage!!!
BatmanFunReviews201812 July 2018
With retirement on his mind, a successful young drug dealer sets up one last big job, while dealing with trigger-happy colleagues and the police. Superfly is a remake of a film with the same name from 1972 starring Jennifer Morrison, now this movie was just a waste of time from start to finish. The actors were phoning in, the characters were the stereotypical drug dealer and the movie was just awful to begin with it’s like a Black Panther meets Shaft for the poor and even worse than both of those titles combined i’m afraid plus the shower scene? what was that now? like we’re still doing this kind of things?

Dumb movie
torreselnino-6358928 August 2018
Only watched it for the title, kind of feel conned now. Will get high ratings from 15 year olds. Hang on a second, that’s disrespectful to 15 year olds.

Average remake of a Blaxploitation classic.
Java_Joe19 June 2018
The original Super Fly is credited as being one of the original Blaxploitation movies along with Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassssss Song and Shaft. All of which are considered essential movies in the genre.

This remake hits all the right notes and it updates it for today’s audiences but it doesn’t really bring anything new or noteworthy to the mix. It’s stylish and honestly feels more like an extended music video in some parts. Now part of that could very well be because of the director and his background. But that’s good for music videos and not for a feature length movie.

But the real issue is this movie has no real reason to exist. It’s a remake that really is the same exact story as the original. I get why they wanted to make it but it doesn’t bring anything really new to the mix.

As a stand alone movie it’s just kinda okay. As a remake it’s just a tepid retelling of a much better story.

vintagegearsllc19 June 2018
There are not enough words to describe how horrible this film is ,what a waste .

it’s bad….minus Curtis Mayfiield music…:)
filipmail28 August 2018
Like in the title. original had an amazing sound track, film wasn’t really fellini;), but watchable…this ain’t

Very entertaining and stylish film.
edeninvsvs18 June 2018
I enjoyed the film, it is quite true the original. Entertaining, well acted, well written in terms of a modern day story line and stylish. It is not to be taken too seriously. Just go have a good time watching it.



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