Superfly (2018)


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Superfly (2018)
Superfly (2018)

The upshot: this incarnation of Superfly proves to be a riveting, slick and pulse-pounding reboot that easily blows away the original!

Super Fly (1972) was one of the most profitable of the Blaxploitation Era flicks. Released during the genre’s heyday, the picture revolved around its iconic title character, Youngblood Priest, a flamboyant cocaine dealer who dressed like a pimp, drove flashy cars and sampled his wares from a spoon shaped like a cross draped around his neck.

Overcoming a modest budget of just a half-million dollars, the film’s phenomenal box-office success led to a couple of sequels, Super Fly T.N.T. (1973) and The Return of Superfly (1990). Nevertheless, the franchise is probably best remembered for the original’s soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield which enjoyed a long run at #1 atop Billboard’s Top 100 chart.

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