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Funny and Inspiring

apeachj22 September 2018
The movie was so funny and relatable. As black women we struggle with wanting to follow our own paths and the path that others want us to follow. This movie brings light to this struggle in a very funny and encouraging way!!!! Great movie!!!

Finally I see myself

juinrenee13 October 2018
This movie made me laugh and was so relatable to how black women deal with being perfect and deal with our hair. Make this into a series, I’d watch.

Must Watch!

sweetkandicampbell22 September 2018
I cried at the big finale won’t say what it is but it’s the point in the movie everyone just accepted what the Grows naturally out of their scalp! Kudos for Netflix for making this movie to inspire and encourage women of all ethnicity who may have kinks and curls waves and coils to embrace the hair that grows out of their scalp and to learn that you are BEAUTIFUL Just the way you are …. LOVE thissssss

Exquisite Reality & Relatable

keykeshell1922 September 2018
Beautiful story where so many women can relate Fantastic pictures and soundtrack. Creative and love happy endings Wish this film the best success

Must see!!

floridagrl2523 September 2018
I just finished watching this movie and loved everything about it. How real that we, women, feel we are defined by how our hair looks. It’s not always about being perfect on the outside… it’s how we feel on the inside. The inside will form the outside! Very good movie!!


aviannaperry23 September 2018
Really enjoyed this fresh, inspiring movie. Pretty damn funny too! Sanaa at her best.

This movie has found me right in the middle of my millennial quarter life crisis.

dsawashington22 September 2018
I loved every second of this movie. So many elements I could and so many of my friends could pull them straight from their childhood.


jcarver-0980625 September 2018
My name is Jermaine Carvér I literally just watched this movie I am so amazed an inspired by this movie. my finance recently past away, we went through so much in our relationship. Since her passing I have been living in limbo, my life is so empty without her and after watching this movie I started to literally cry. so much of what happened in this movie was similar to our relationship, I truly related and if my partner was here I know she would have absolutely loved this film. I know it is very hard to end a Movie because the audience wants more but it has to end at some point right? and I have to say this was the best ending I have ever seen in a movie, so much that there never has to be a sequel. the actress/actors were perfect, Sanaa Lathan was absolutely brilliant, you couldn’t have chose a better actress to play the role. Thank you for creating this movie you have helped me with my greivence in a way you could not possibly imagine.Thank you

Loved this movie!

c-estrada61813 October 2018
A great movie about how women turn themselves inside out trying to be perfect and the empowerment we can find when we finally just let ourselves be who we truly are. The beautiful and talented Sanaa Lathan is superb in this role. She’s funny, sassy, vulnerable and achingly real. This movie is very relatable to any woman who has ever struggled with self-esteem issues and/or had her heart broken by love, and that would probably be all of us. Highly recommended.

Cheesy but with a little bit of wine! Ok

licamezcua22 September 2018
I agree that it might be a little predictable and the characters stereotypical but then again it kind of shifts, I really enjoyed it, I delayed everything I had to be doing just to see how it would develop and the good part of it, I wasn’t disappointed, good movie to watch over the weekend!

Not what I thought…

aevaughn-7730518 October 2018
This was very much the B-movie version of Something New…but BET level quality. It was very cliche’, kinda rushed, the characters were all blah, and the precocious little girl was annoying. This literally was all about her HAIR – which yes, us black women have a heavy attachment to. But this was too much for me.


Jessicanu9427 September 2018
I liked the concept and the little chapters but it was a bit dramatic

Wow, all about image.

Msbnitski28 September 2018
It’s amazing how hard we try to fit into a unattainable mold of perfection. People really do not care how we look or feel. We are our own person. We all need to remember that we are the captain of our ship. This movie is a perfect example of how we let society dictate how we look and feel about ourself, screw them. Love yourself and only yourself and the rest will follow. I am a 64 year old white woman with thin hair. I have always worn my hair short up until the last 10 years. I thought that longer hair is what men wanted. I am going down to the salon and getting this thin crappy hair cut off to please myself and only myself. That being said, live your life to please only yourself other than to make others happy. You only have this one life, live it for yourself. I think this movie is a wake up call for all people, not just women in general. Love yourself.

Good, but not as great as expected

lvadams-9349122 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers

Just another version of “Something new”

cristina-trsl23 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The movie itself would have been OK, but what ruined it for me was that it seemed like a remake of Something New. Same actress (!!), same topic, with the small difference that in this one, the accent is mostly on hair, and less on clothes, status, etc. Violet and Kenya both have mothers who pressure them into looking flawless, they both have successful but demanding jobs, they both seek a relationship with a succesful man (a requirement imposed mostly by family), and they both figure out who they really are by the end of the movie. There was literally no need for 2 movies with story lines so similar.

Watchable but also cringeworthy

nakomiah24 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie failed to deliver. Violets character was turned into a bumbling klutz: I get they tried to make it comedic but it was overall exaggerated beyond imagine. Too predictable and cheesy to enjoy. I get the message that it teaches black women to love themselves and accept their natural hair. The book expressed the message way better than this movie. No dice!!

OK but …

bsj-5869022 September 2018
The movie was ok when dealing with the whole “love yourself” theme. However, it would have been more effective if the actress in a movie called “Nappily Ever After” actually had nappy hair. Maybe they should have just called is “Natural Ever After.” It’s like having a movie called “I love my red hair” starring a blonde.

Predictable and Personable

aj-7948121 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers

Regional Audience

rajnot27 September 2018
Decent movie.. but targets only regional audience.. It’s not for everyone.. slow drama.. few laughs here and there.. I could totally understand as its Netflix movie.. every movie made on budget has its limitation to audience.. i would actually give 10 stars if i am in that circle of audience..

It was ok

nicolenicole-749014 October 2018
Once she cut off her hair it started to become your typical Lifetime, Tyler Perry type of movie. It was very predictable. This could have been so good but it just fell flat after she cut her hair off.


mariamalfalasi22 September 2018
I think casting Sanaa Lathan in this role is wrong she is too old for the character the she plays … they should have bring someone younger.. Sanaa didn’t bring any feeling honestly.. the movie seems to lack it, I didn’t connect with the story or the characters…bland!

Just sooo bland….cant put my finger on it as to why.

sannyd26 September 2018
I cant put my finger on it but this was sooooo CRINGE. i couldn’t even hate watch it. I lived and live this hair life. Ive gone thru the mishaps, the joys and out the other side. THIS execution isn’t for us, but maybe for those who try and touch our hair. I cant put my finger on it but Sanaa Lathan’s acting is very suspect. I almost want to go back and watch one of my favorite movies she stars in “Brown Sugar” and see as I don’t recall her being this BAD. Is it the material or the acting? She looked kinda haggard at times. Is it the weight of the story or something else. And who was the leading man? I felt no chemistry. Its like everyone was tiptoeing around but nothing ever landed. The heart warming moments and laughs felt forced. I sat stone faced waiting to be moved for at least 30 minutes. Me and my afro will wait for the right film or project. You probably do better watching Da Kink in My Hair.

Not Good Enough

pennyelenabooks14 October 2018
Watched this movie because the description seemed nice. It sounded like a fluff comedy with some romance in it. The first scenes about the hair took me off guard, but then they started presenting the message of finding oneself and loving who you are for real, and so I thought that this might be a really good movie after all. But Violet was just an irrational character. And the story was messed up and didn’t make any sense. So, 2 out of 10, only for the message that they wanted to present, even though it didn’t get through.

Waste of time

bamelaktesfayee8 October 2018
Initially this movie was kind of cute and typical and didint mind it. The only reason why I even gave it two stars is because the movie was coming from genuin good intention. It felt very flat, execution was not good. Pacing was also very off and It realy hasten with Sanaa’ s development. I also didn’t like how it subliminally was shaming African American woman who wear their hair straightened or wear weaves, and the girl didint even have nappy hair so that was weird. Also felt like the soundtrack wasn’t good. At times the movie was very awkward like when she just randomly started dancing, I see the vision but it doesn’t work it tries too hard. All of the characters felt bland to me and it was just very unrealistic and stereotypical. It lacks focus and jumps to too many things. It really wasn’t good. But people that are getting introduced into the natural hair community or seeing this in a third perspective might like it.


Fiahm21 September 2018
No, not a documentary about African American hairstyles, like Chris Rock’s ‘Great Hair’, but an actual real life movie with a script and written characters and employed actors and everything where the entire story just revolves around the length of this one woman’s HAIR!

Exactly how short of ideas would somebody actually have to be to decide to waste this much time and effort on such a feeble triviality?

And exactly how much disposable income do Netflix HAVE to merrily throw it away on nonsense like this?

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