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Insecure Season 3: What they are saying on the Streets

Love this show entirely!…but sometimes the sex scenes are SO extra

krisboogie18 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I loved awkward black girl when it was on youtube and I sincerely love this show, the acting, the exploration of LA, the comedy, the drama, the soundtrack, the depiction of black culture and aspects of black culture that aren’t normally shown etc. etc. etc…..

BUT there are gratuitous amounts of sex FOR NO REASON sometimes. Like I get it, it’s HBO…half their shows are essentially soft-core porn so it’s not like I’m expecting it to be some squeaky clean family friendly show. HOWEVER, I feel like sex scenes, especially when they’re super explicit, should have purpose and not just be added for shock value. Sure there are some points where a long sex scene makes sense because something is being explored between the characters, like this is the first time or there’s going to be an awkward moment or an argument or something adding value to the general storyline that requires more from the scene than usual. But most of the time, the audience can get the point without a whole 60 seconds of bouncing boobs and grinding especially when it’s between a main character and someone who doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things.

Like the latest episode (for season 3) had a Lawrence flashback so we could kind of see what he’s been up to since the last convo with Issa, and literally the first 3-4 mins of the episode was just super explicit sex scenes of him with diff women. And on the one hand, I get that they were trying to show him in his hoe lifestyle and it definitely had a stronger affect than if they wouldve only shown him talking to a bunch of different girls in a bar for example. However, there were other ways to have that same effect without almost 4mins of a 30min show being strictly dedicated to him in diff sex positions on a couch grinding against women with their boobs out. For example scenes of them kissing, or closing a door behind them, or leaving a bar etc. would show us the same thing, “Lawrence is now a hoe” without me feeling like I’m just watching porn. And even if your down with explicit sex scenes, when they take up so much of the show it just feels like a waste the very limited minutes of the show on scenes with no real value (when we could be getting into some of the other drama I’m actually interested in).

This may be an unpopular opinion, maybe people are actually into gratuitous amounts of useless sex scenes, but for me it makes the show an 8 when it has the potential to be a 10.

Very Interesting

a_pi_rate11 September 2018
As a white male senior citizen I’m not the target demographic but I enjoy the show. Assuming the depictions are relatively accurate the writing, casting, music are very good. The talent on display impressed the heck out of me.

Love it

amyflyone22 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I started this series with hesitation, because most shows are unrealistic and provide nothing I can relate to, nor are they funny enough to stick with. I enjoyed Insecure from the beginning, and it got better as it progressed. I’m looking forward to a second season. I’m a white 30’s something female, and I can relate more with Molly than I ever could with Sex and The City or Girls (both unrealistic in my opinion). It’s refreshing to see a TV series that is not all white, with intelligent humor, and drama that is perfect; I can’t stand ‘over the top’ drama. I can’t speak for others, but as a female I can relate to the many issues that Molly and her friend have. I think awards should be given to writing, directing, and acting. Bravo on a great new TV series.


rob_413 September 2018
Another disgusting portrayal! Disappointing in acting and script! Can’t believe it was renewed! Nobody in this cast or crew deserves to have a show!

So relatable

tamr924 October 2018
The main character and her group of friends are definitely the life of the party. A great show especially for black millenials. More than anything most of the characters are extremely relatable.

OMG I’m so upset!!! Its turning into a drama or soap opera
mscathyscott1 October 2018
I watch VERY very very few tv series, and this is the only one I am currently watching. I only recently found out about Awkward Black Girl and found the episodes online and watched them all. Everytime I find a tv series that I like, it’s usually a comedy series that ends up turning into a drama or soap opera.

The last 3 episodes have been a lot less comical and a lot more stressful, to me. That’s literally, why I stopped watching Black-ish, awhile ago (my last tv series). I knew this was going to happen. 🙁

Ps… way too much with the sex scenes !!!
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Again all penis no labia .
RealReviewer198130 December 2017
Another show that has evev erect penis but not a single labia scene. Why the hate and disrespect ? Outrageous . #freethelabia and end hypocrisy and double standard culture.

Author Avatars are Bad, When Will We Learn?

dollypeppers10 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So I really wanted to like Insecure, it was recommended to me as this ultra-progressive look at the modern experience of black women who honestly do not get to tell their own stories enough in media and I was told it was funny. It’s not really funny and not especially progressive but it could have still been likable but for one thing. Issa. Do I mean the character Issa Dee or the actress/writer Issa Rae you ask? Yes.

Issa Dee is super trashy and immature. She cheats on her man because she’s having relationship problems, instead of doing something useful like going to couples counseling or just breaking up and she has very little regard for how her actions affect Molly, seriously who raps about their friend’s intimate life to strangers and pretends that’s okay? All Issa Dee cares about is sex. All Issa Rae cares about is propping up Issa Dee’s continually bad decisions. Flawed characters are great but when you’re blatantly author avataring like Issa is it just seems like you’re out to justify your own misdeeds. There is very little more obnoxious than someone behaving like garbage then still expecting sympathy.

Molly is such a much more sympathetic character and way more interesting but Issa hogs a bunch of screentime because she’s basically the creator’s avatar and cannot be ignored. You can’t watch the show if Issa annoys you because she is the show. Instead of Insecure someone should change the title to Issacure. I couldn’t stand her by episode 4 of season 1 and tapped out a little before midway through the second season because she just never improved. Maybe it gets better but I doubt it as long as Issa prioritizes herself and her issues over everything. Do I mean the character or the actress/writer there? Again, yes.

And apparently Issa(actress/writer) is also abrasive to her fans as well from what I’ve heard. If her fictional avatar is anything to go by that wouldn’t surprise me.

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