Acrimony (2018)


How Nigerians are reacting to “Acrimony” psychological thriller

How Nigerians are reacting to “Acrimony” psychological thriller

How Nigerians are reacting to psychological thriller, Tyler Perry reacts to trending conversation

The question on social media is: Who exactly is to blame in Acrimony? Melinda? Robert? Melinda’s family?

How Nigerians are reacting to Acrimony by Tyler Perry
How Nigerians are reacting to Acrimony by Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry’s “Acrimony” has been a trending conversation for Nigerians on Twitter.

“Hell hath no fury,” reads a tagline on a poster for the film which currently has a 21% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. “Acrimony” is one of those films; bashed by critics, embraced by the audience, at least, on social media.

The psychological thriller tells the story of Melinda Moore, a faithful and hardworking wife who supports her husband, Robert, an engineer and dreamer pushing a launch of his invention. However, their marriage ends just before he hits it big with the rechargeable battery he spent decades inventing.

Just in case you haven’t seen the movie, here are 10 things you should know before joining the conversation

1. Before their wedding, Melinda had caught Robert cheating on her with a random girl, Diana Wells. Enraged, she drives her car into their trailer. The accident leads to a hysterectomy.

2. He apologizes and despite her sisters’ objections, she forgives him and they get married. Years later, Melinda works to support them, as Robert being a felon, is unable to find work. Robert convinces Melinda to mortgage the house so he can build a new prototype for his battery.

3. 20 years later, Diana is back in the picture and is working for Prescott, an investor. So she arranges a meeting between Robert and Prescott.

4. Robert is offered $800,000 to sell his work, but he wants to license the technology to them instead, so the deal doesn’t go through.

5. Meanwhile, Melinda’s sisters tell her that Robert is cheating on her after they found Diana’s wallet in his truck. Back at home, Melinda is angry at him for ‘cheating’ and  refusing to accept Prescott’s offer. She wants a divorce.

6. After the divorce, she loses the house, moves in with her sister, and starts dating her ex-boyfriend, Devon. While Diana invites Robert, who is living in a shelter, to stay with her.

7. Prescott reconsiders and offers Robert a multimillion-dollar deal, while allowing him to keep intellectual ownership of his invention.

Taraji P. Henson as Melinda in the movie "Tyler Perry's Acrimony."playTaraji P. Henson as Melinda in the movie “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony.”

(Los Angeles Times)

8. Robert pays Melinda a visit at work with flowers. He thanks her for her support, tells her they would never get back together, and to show gratitude, gives her $10 million dollars and buys her home back.

9. Melinda is angry and blames her family for leading her astray. When she goes to Robert’s new penthouse to seduce him, Diana walks in and introduces herself as Robert’s fiancé.

10.That was the beginning of Melinda’s anger, hurt and obsession with the couple. At this point, her anger is legendary.

She does things like suing them, disfiguring their photos and destroying Diana’s wedding gown. The couple file a countersuit against her for her threats and obtain restraining orders.

After several attempts to separate them and exact revenge, Melinda dies while trying to hit Robert with an ax during his honeymoon cruise.

The question on social media is: Who exactly is to blame here? Melinda? Robert? Melinda’s family?

Fat Belly ‘Nenye@The_Nenye

Did you all just watch Acrimony?
What’s the analysis all over the place?

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Acrimony both the husband and the wife are at fault
Me myself I’m at fault for watching it

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Moji Delano@MojiDelanoBlog

In all my years as a movie buff, I do not think any movie has ever evoked so much emotion in people and triggered debates with varying, parallel perspectives from men and women like Tyler Perry’s Acrimony has. I just really hope that this gets him the Oscar nod that he deserves.

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Baba Ibeji@Marapolsa


Who is/was to blame?

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Your wife💀@rue_candies

Finally watched Acrimony and this movie has really taught me something deep..May God give us a discerning spirit,when to leave and when to stay and may anger not destroy things that we should be enjoying after a long time of patience.. She took the right step at the wrong time 😐

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My take on acrimony…crazy ass movie…

1. Man was a complete arse. If your dream is not yielding fruits, at least do something else to help with the bills, take care of yourself and your responsibilities as best as you can while you keep working on that dream.

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Blessing Abeng@Ms_Einsteinette

My thoughts on Acrimony.

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The movie got me messed up . How could he ??? After 18 yrs of her sweat…the one time she gave up on you cause she had every right to,he bailed and made it ???? Naaaaaaaa. I honestly could see my self in . Have you seen the movie ?? What you think ?

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KAMILLE B ♥@onlyonekamilleb

The movie, ‘Acrimony’ is a perfect example of why you should keep family out of your relationship.

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Ozzy Etomi@ozzyetomi

Are we supposed to be on Taraji’s side in Acrimony? I havent finished the movie (his battery has finally sold) but she blames everyone for everything. Where exactly does she take responsibility for her own choices?

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A Fokken Princess! 👑@cremechic11

Watched Acrimony and I’m so pained that Melinda got $10M & a house and refused to give herself brain and change the course of her life.

Bitterness is dangerous.

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Tyler Perry in Acrimony didn’t direct that movie for us to say 1 person is okay n the other isn’t he did that for us to think critically how our behaviors and non behaviors affect our friends n loved ones and what could happen when they have had enough

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I have always said, anyone who supports What Taraji did in Acrimony should come back to tell me if the the taxi driver who stabbed his at UPSA was right because he was also hurt after spending everything he had on the girl

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But this movie came out months ago. Or it’s a different Acrimony they’re talking about?

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General Atopa (A good Ato)@wofa_slayzie

Everyday, I get more reason to not watch the acrimony movie. Thank you Twitter

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Iyá Lájè Of Lagos@newscantell

Acrimony is one interesting movie. At first you’d hate Robert based on the illustrations. Later on, you’d hate Melinda’s sisters. At the end of the movie, you’ll get upset and direct all your hatred on Melinda.

I watched the movie thrice and still can’t figure out who to blame.

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The reactions from highly conservative women after watching Acrimony really amuses me. Were you expecting him to not love the woman who took him in when he was kicked out by his ex wife and turned his dream into a reality?

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Justin Ifeanyi |🇳🇬@Eastcoastprince

Acrimony taught me:
👉 Money can’t heal some level of Pain.
👉 Don’t let Family opinions, influence core decisions in your Life.
👉 A man with ambition may do crazy things, but crazy things are what makes the wealthiest people in this world.

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Serious Bants 🇳🇬@Xcel_101

You caught your man cheating on you.

You knocked down his trailer with your car, got injured and lost your womb in the process.

Yet you still went back to that nigga.

Guys, I’m sorry but the woman in Acrimony was dumb from that point.

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Acrimony just tells you how unfair life can be, there are men that have done worse when money arrives, in worse cases even when the lady did nothing but stood by them.

A mans true nature is revealed when money turns up, a woman’s true nature is revealed when there’s no money.

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Acrimony really a good ass movie you gotta really pay attention to understand. People say she crazy but really she was hurt and damaged.

See Alessia’s other Tweets


This Acrimony movie… the Melinda woman doesn’t have sense. The Robert dude doesn’t have sense.

Me that I spent more than two hours of my life watching it, I don’t have sense.

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Tyler Perry’s reaction to the trending conversation

According to Perry, the trending film has gone up to number one on rentals and downloads. Via an Instagram post, he said he is happy that the film has opened up conversations about ‘healing anger, betrayal, and moving on or literately drowning in your own pain.’

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