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Love it

lrobertson-055032 October 2018
Love the topics and personalities on grownish. The characters are wonderful actors and actresses.

The Good and The bad

ainonieminen12 March 2018
The show was very promising with actors like Yara and Luca and it did succeed in a few episodes when it had the love triangle, but then it started to go downhill. Where did all the spice go? The viewers are waiting for it to get interesting again! Cmon bring the drama and the entertainment back!

Actually fun to watch

markwashington-2925925 August 2018
Don’t mind what some say.I think its dope especially how they have been able to mix black and white teens.It gives me a different way of viewing some stuff now.Amazing cast also.


filmnoirthebest11 January 2018
I thought this show was very different, creative and depicted many shades and aspects of teens who are recently grown, on college campuses, NOT ALL! Grown-ish this is just a slice! I work with young people, and feel like this show is spot-on for many young people, and definitely not for some or adults who feel it either!

I thought it would be the usual college-life comedy, and was pleasantly surprised to see a show that shows that young people are thinking, and not just about their G.P.A., but life, mistakes, fitting-in with back-stories that flesh out the characters in 24 minutes, OK!

I’m always grateful when there isn’t a laugh-track for starters, but I think it’s a very fresh show, and hopefully, it continues to unfold and tackle hot topics, make people laugh and gain more viewers!

Ignore the bad reviews, this is another brilliant show.

Matt-D-C22 February 2018
A very real, modern take on the college experience, this show follows Zoey Johnson as she discovers that life–and the real world–are much larger than what she was used to in high school and the Johnson household. The people that rated this badly seemed to expect a show about a girl going to college would only include classes and studying or something… but this is not that show.

This is a wonderful representation of what college students this day and age face. Yes it’s more mature than Black-ish, but that’s kind of the point. Just like the shock of going from PG Black-ish to PG13 Grown-ish, Zoey herself is immediately overwhelmed at how utterly different and unprepared she really is for everything. Grown-ish still has that Black-ish feel with the way topics are handled and the narration, but it’s not a clone which makes it more of its own show which I guess the naysayers were expecting. Where Dre narrates in Black-ish, Zoey often speaks and confides in the camera. A familiar yet slightly different approach which I find to be a nice little touch. It’s like her and the audience are going through this roller-coaster together.

The bottom line here is if you want a Black-ish clone with a 7th Heaven college experience, this show is not for you. But if you want a very real look at what Zoey Johnson would have to deal with as a freshman, then get that DVR ready. Because this show is every bit as brilliant as Black-ish and more.

Terribly Disappointed…

senegalstyle6 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers

‘Grown-ish’ a spin off of ‘Black-ish’ featuring the cutie pie Zoey as a pill popping college freshman. Deon Cole is in it to, playing another negative stereotype: incompetent black (affirmative action?) college professor…heavy sigh.

So Zoey who has been sensible growing up on Black-ish starts using drugs the first week of school and Deon is acting a fool and embarrassing the race.

I was so hoping it would be something like ‘A Different World’ – but that’s too much to ask for in this day and age.

Grown-ish is amazing!

windischtamara22 September 2018
Grown-ish has something for everyone. It discusses political beliefs in a way, which is understandable for every group of people. It discusses racism, homophobia and discrimination. It is funny over all, but it isn’t trying to be. The show reflects gollage in a pretty accurate way for the upper class, and you can look into the lifes of college athletes a little too. Money is only discussed once, and is making a little fun of it, but I don’t think it does it in an offensive way. Over all this series is showing a way to find yourself in a way no series has ever done. That’s MY opinion.

This show is an absolute must watch

adriannafelder25 January 2018
I think this show was orginal and beautifully done to describe the transitions of highschoolers to college. Viewers must recognize, especially an older audience, that college has changed. We are living in a time where drugs, sex, and social interactons are more readily available than ever. The culture of college life has changed to encompass the beliefs and morals of these more liberal millennials. Not all entertainment is the archtype of what Americans should aspire for, some of it is just real facts. Real hard facts we have to accept. 18-29 is the age group that does the most drugs in the country, 60% of harvards students have been sexually active in the last 12 months, and college students have the largest demographic of phone usage at minimum 4.5 hours a day. Its preparing teens for the tuff life decisions of college they will have to make outside of their education. Most of all, this is a comedy, not the notes of a native daughter. Please take it as such…Keep on doing what your doing Grownish directors and actors! -your favorite millennial 🙂

Power through the 1st episode

r-347871 February 2018
The first episode is bad. All that happens is narrating what the characters will be. Narrating, not showing. So… might as well skip that. After the 2nd episode it gets good. Real as it explores actual issues (drugs, relationships), funny and a bit insightful. The above within the confines of a comedy made for TV.

Gets better with every episode

Elizabethchivers24 March 2018
I am a huge fan of Black-ish, which is what led me to give this show a chance. The first episode doesn’t do it justice; you really need to hang in there a bit to start to care about the characters. This isn’t a family show the way Black-ish is, but it deals with a lot of important issues dealt with in college and young adult life. I think it’s wonderful there is a strong, real young woman who is the lead. She’s not perfect, but why does she have to be? No one in life is perfect, and I appreciate the show making the lead character very relatable to young women dealing with a lot of the same issues.

Bouge7513 March 2018

I grew up in the era of The Cosby Show and A Different World. This is NOT “A Different World.” This is a show for young adults, not young kids. It doesn’t hide the fact the drugs, promiscuity and binge drinking is rampant on college campus. It shows what happens when your precious darlings, who you think can do no wrong, do. I don’t laugh out loud but I love the characters and how they deal with what college kids are facing today…truthfully, what they have been facing for the past 30 years minus social media.

Not black-ish, but not supposed to be

JShaft3316 September 2018
First – I wish IMDB wouldn’t allow people to review shows after having watched any less than 3 episodes. It takes many shows to hit their grove. Even the best shows from the past 30 years have had uninspiring pilots.

I like this show. I will admit that it can be lost on anyone who has not been in college within the past 20 years. It attempts to play off of issues many of millennials face such as social media and shallow dating scenes.

If you’re watching this because you like black-ish, you may be disappointed. This show is not meant to be black-ish. It has some cameos but that’s about it.

Really good start for a spin off ,, but it needs more character.

Aktham_Tashtush4 January 2018
The show started really well, the factor of originality is well presented and for a high rated show like Blackish a spin off like this was always expected.

The plot is strong and presenting the contest of the episode has the taste of Blackish narrative style which is good and bad,, it is good in blackish because Anthony Anderson has his own style of attracting the audience , while here withYara Shahidi i did not really feel that urge, fun and excitement while she was narrating, but in all the show is good and has it’s nice laughable moments, and I do believe the show will get good ratings.

As for the cast, first and last, Bravo.. a good choice casting Deon Cole to be part of this and i hope he stays in here because he is the part in which i said above “laughable moments”, Yara Shahidi and Trevor Jackson we’ve seen them both in Blackish and they are so talented, and sure the others were okay, new faces to me so we still have to see how this will go on.

now the part were i said it needs more character,,. so usually spin-off shows “spin” around the original show for the first couple of episode, so it is natural, but after that the show needs to just separate itself and fly solo,,, here i believe the story is not about a “black” student but its about a student so distancing the plot from blackish’s plot should be easy and hopefully instantaneous.

Finally, i’v heard the show got a really good impressions from the critics so fingers crossed it will go well ,, i mean we all root for fun and entertainment.

A different view on College

lydiatomos30 March 2018
This tv show is not Black-ish.But in my opinion it aproaches society today in the same way,directly,even if not always in what you may consider the right way.If you want a family friendly show,this may not be for you.On the other hand,if you’re looking for a show that gets real about issues like relationships,racism,drug use etc in college this is it.It takes a while to get there but it does,while still being fun and sometimes even moving. Also everyone looks fantastic.

Shows promise…But will it deliver?

milenacasciato5 January 2018
I found the first two episodes of Grown-ish to be highly watchable. I’m not sure it’s a show that will sustain my interest enough to have me tune in every week. There wasn’t much action but I suppose thats because a strong foundation needs to be established as well as character intros. However, I do appreciate how the show will clearly be tackling important issues relevant to its demographic and will certainly be relatable to young viewers. Initially, I wasn’t sure if Yara Shahidi could carry her own show, and I’m still not convinced by her emotional range or comedic timing, but she’s charming as Zoey. I do think the supporting cast is quite good. Overall, I’m hoping to see the show really impress me in the coming weeks, it definitely has the potential to do so.

Decent start to Freeform’s relaunch

SaidNDone11 January 2018
I have never seen “Black-ish” but “Grown-ish” came on one night and I decided to watch it. I was surprised at the show’s quality, which although it has issues, rivals the shows on mainstream networks. The soundtrack is great–perfectly crafted for the show’s target audience, many of the jokes land well, the acting is adequate, and the plot is both interesting and topical.

It seems that Disney is taking the rebranding from ABC Family to Freeform seriously, as prior to the relaunch ABC Family was a joke of a network filled with over-dramatic poorly scripted shows staffed by former Disney Channel actors. This show however seems to have semi-serious actors/actresses and has no problem with pushing the edges of YA entertainment. I will continue watch and see if it is able to develop into something. It’s a shame “Girl Meets World” was not delayed a couple years, aged up, and aired alongside this as a Freeform flagship show.

medlinsumayah7 January 2018

I had high expectations for Grownish, but the premiere left me pretty disappointed. The acting and the script were pretty bad, and while voice over narration works well on Blackish, Yara’s monotonous voice doesn’t really entertain viewers when she does a voice over, which is for way too much of each episode. Each character seemed like an archetype and didn’t have personality. What I like about Zoe in Blackish is her rudeness and cool girl personality, and that’s missing in Grownish. I also feel like each episode is rushed, and there’s not much focus on plot. The topics are relatable to college students, but I just don’t think the jokes are being delivered well. If you liked the episode of Blackish when Zoe visited college, then you might like Grownish, but I didn’t like that episode or what I saw so far of Grownish.

Just Bad But Maybe There is Hope

joanna-emd6 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Two episodes in and Grown-ish is just bad. The narration works on Black-ish, but not here. The whole Breakfast Club thing might have been interesting to discover on its own later in the season when it made sense, but the narrator comparing the cast to The Breakfast Club at the intro made me think that none of the writers have seen The Breakfast Club.

Like the show A Different World (Lisa Bonet), I think Grown-ish will do better with out the cross over character focus. Right now it’s just trying too hard to be too much in twenty two minutes per episode. The heavy subject matter that they’re trying to cover – like apparently rampant substance abuse on campus – seemed to be handled with indifference. It wasn’t really funny and you can see every “very special episode” of 80’s television heading your way, but it’s taking multiple episodes to get there.

Right now, the biggest problem is that the lead character/narrator is the least interesting one of the bunch. Her roommate seems to be a much more interesting character. The writers should have taken a page from A Different World and focused on the ensemble. Hearing about the ensemble as narrated by a boring lead isn’t that interesting.

April 2018
I tried watching several episodes of this very unfunny, unedgy show. The characters, with due respect to the actors, are plastic and without form. FreeForm should cut its losses and send ‘groan-ish’ to that large tv series junk pile.

Amoral snore fest

OrangeJello882 March 2018
After watching a few episodes, there is obviously no point to this show other than the glorification of promiscuity and hard drug use. Do not let your children watch this.

This show is terrible -and is getting worse

bigleash15 March 2018
I thoroughly enjoy Black-ish and wanted to like this spinoff -but it’s terrible. At the beginning of the season, I committed to watching the full first season with hopes that it would improve, but it’s only getting worse.

How these students manage to openly do drugs and drinks all over campus like it’s completely normal is utterly ridiculous. This show also fails by making Yara Shahidi the main focus of every single episode; it’s painful to hear her narrate and try to act through the episodes. As ridiculous as the storylines are, the show would be better served giving the other characters more screen time.


colligativeproperty4 February 2018
Black-ish is a great show. It’s funny and educational while being family appropriate. This show is nothing like that. It’s all about drinking, sex, and drugs. The actress on this show is good but I think she should have pushed for a more family friendly show. Because of this I can not like it.

pilotepisode dont expect much

ahasch4 January 2018
Pilotepisode dont expect much! sry but the acting was bad! and i dont know why they always have to say he or her is a jew like in every sec movie or tv-show. who gives a f about this. like if there are more j than chinese people -.-

Is it grown-ish or wannabe dorkish?

twist-bite11 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I like Black-ish, but I think this spin-off is extremely bad. The show is trying too hard to switch the character of Zoey from a super popular high school queen to a dork-ish college girl. She is exaggerating everything around her.

On top, the themes being treated such as drug addiction are superficial and are not consistent throughout the show. In one episode Zoey is a bad girl who doesn’t respect her new friends, on the other is a drug addict, now, in the third episode it seems that she has fallen in love after kissing a guy. Instead of the writers creating a complex character, they are creating a new uni-dimensional character every episode. Don’t waste your time on it. Go see Freaks and Geeks or the 70s show instead.

Sex, Drugs and…what happened?

burnettnicole4 February 2018
Was hoping for so much more. In Blackish Zoe had good common sense, she wasn’t perfect but had a good head on her shoulders. In Grownish there is no thought to being who she was, she’s desperate & needy. This show to me is sad. Inappropriate to transfer the same audience from Blackish to this. This show goes in a totally different direction. They should have just created a show and not linked it to Blackish at all. Within 2 episodes she headed in a downward spiral. As a person who totally enjoys Blackish and watches it with my family. Some really touchy subjects are addressed but things turn out decent with a thought provoking ending. Grownish is totally opposite, not good decision making, touchy subjects gone bad and get worse with each episode. Unfortunately for me, my son mentioned the show to me, he watched it first. Had I seen it first, I never would have allowed him to watch it…. Thanks for showing my kid what not to do all the way around. Sex, Drugs, Lies, Irresponsibility…just about anything you can think of that was bad going on in college, you’ll catch Zoe experiencing it. Sad spin-off.



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