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  • The parole hearing scene was pulled almost completely from the transcripts of Colin’s real parole hearing.
  • Writer/Director Matt Ruskin first heard Colin’s story on the radio show, This American Life. He was so moved by the story that he couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks.
  • Writer/Director Matt Ruskin worked closely with the real Colin and KC while making the film. He also reached out to some of the attorneys and key witnesses.
  • Actor Lakeith Stanfield met with the real Colin Warner on multiple occasions to help prepare for the role.
  • Shooting the prison scenes proved to be a challenge for the production. Only a few prisons in the New York area allow filming and are often very restrictive with their hours. Some scenes were shot in an active jail in Queens while others took place in a decommissioned prison on Staten Island.
  • Colin Warner stated that a number of studios had expressed interest in his story but none followed through. Upon meeting writer/director Matt Ruskin, however, Warner immediately knew that he would be the one to bring his story to screen.
  • Nnamdi Asomugha, who played KC in the film, also served as a producer.
  • Nnamdi Asomugha met with the real Carl King on a few occasions to help with understand the character. Asomugh stated that it was difficult for King to think back on these events mainly because they took place so long ago. Those Asomugh did quickly take notice that King had a “big heart” and was “very focused and determined.”
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