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America NEEDS this film!

jabstrongfierce11 August 2018

For Radio Raheem
matthewssilverhammer17 August 2018

My Movietown companion Cole is a Spike Lee fanatic. Not only has he seen all the venerable director’s major motion pictures, he’s also seen his stand-up films, documentaries, and specials, rarely giving any of them less than a stellar review. Therefore, I usually defer to him when it comes to Lee joints. However, for whatever it’s worth, coming from a Spike Lee noob like myself, BlacKkKlansman is a bonafide masterpiece that will remind anyone who needs it that Lee is a certified genius of kinetic and alarming filmmaking. Telling the 70’s story of a black cop who goes undercover to infiltrate the KKK, it seems to be a perfect fit for Lee’s prolific 30-year career. It’s a ridiculous story used to make a point about the black experience in America, bolstered by the fact that it all actually happened. The mixture of hyper-blaxploitation-style, insane reality and deft comedy begs comparisons to late-20th century classics like Goodfellas, not to mention the endless number of memorable scenes, bold performances, and strong language. Undercover cop lie detector scene? Tensely paced. Alec Baldwin racist-speech opening? Striking and uncomfortably funny. Black College Society speech? Movingly edited and uniquely beautiful. It holds together (with shocking and appreciated entertainment value) to show the dangerously powerful influence of popular media on personal beliefs and the complex nature of systemic racism. Never one to hide his point, Lee draws straight, dark lines from this story to our modern political world, which will inevitably split attentive audiences down the middle; but regardless of individual leanings, there’s no denying that BlacKkKlansman is a stressful, sobering and powerful true-life good-time.

The truth can hurt, but the truth is good for us to see.

maryskywalker1130 September 2018
This movie is very eye opening and definitely worth supporting. This is what real film should do – educate and move people. And I’m glad Hollywood is putting more and more movies out like this. As a white woman I believe that I was never fully exposed to the true civil rights movement and exactly what African Americans have endured in our country. I was raised in the Deep South, but taught to not see race. Unfortunately however too much of our history is written on a G rated level. Our history isn’t a G rated film. That narrative is not what this country needs. And this history is doomed to repeat itself if we aren’t exposed to the truth of our country’s heritage. I’m very grateful to have seen this film and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

A warning though: this movie is absolutely sold as a comedy, but this is not a comedy. It has some amazing comedic moments! But those moments are there to help you swallow the pill this movie is.

Worth the time and money

tgolson-6808811 August 2018
Good movie.. kind of long but very well done. Definitely have to have an open mind while watching this movie.

Timely film.

michael_weho11 August 2018
When this film came out I was reminded of my second semester of 7th grade at Horace Mann junior high in Colorado Springs 50 years ago. Martin Luther King was recently asssasinated. I’m sitting in class, home room, when this kid behind me said “they shot that nigger dead”. Having just come from Los Angeles and an integrated school I was sad and shocked to hear him say that. Lee’s film does a spot-on job of showing how stupid and dangerous racists are in this country. I also realized, later, that racism is learned and not something we’re born with. The current administration is supporting these groups in an active way and this worries me. By the way, the fros and clothes were a delight to see.

Please consider watching!

rannaluv-79-71189113 August 2018
I’m sitting in the movie theater, in the dark, while the ending credits play. There are people walking out and I can hear some talk about the movie, while others shuffle out… Their feet making more noise than their breathing. One person says that this movie was some stupid s***t, and I caught myself checking to see what they looked like, and about slapped myself for even going there. Blackkklansman. Please consider watching it. It’s not just a funny movie. It is a challenge on moral, with an unspeakable meaning.

A more intelligent/enriching than Do The Right Thing

Devondonscott11 August 2018
Go see it. Spike Lee crafted this mastery of multi-narritive storytelling. He’ll tell you what it’s all about.

Best movie I’ve seen in 2018 so far

tuckeraar15 August 2018
Movie was fun unique and didn’t drag on for me. It has you truly feeling the weight of the time on both sides being semi similar. Best part of the movie for me was when two rednecks stormed out of the theater being offended cause it wasn’t what they expected.


tamaraparker12 September 2018
A wonderful well thought out and powerful movie. Spot on acting, tight direction and perfect music.

The most moving movie I have ever seen

rbowick-7291612 August 2018
I have never written a review before, but when I came on here to see the reviews and saw it’s a 7, I had to write something. This movie is nowhere close to a 7. It’s a drama, comedy, thriller and a real punch to the gut in the best possible of ways. Please go see it, it is a very important movie. And please note that the majority of the reviews that are bad state that they hated the movie because it was a leftist movie aimed at Trump. I saw the movie as a reminder of where we have come and of where we are now. And a fair assessment of both.

The story moves quickly for a true story

greg-storrs12 August 2018
Too often true stories drag out the story line with clutter of facts. Not so here. The pace kept us involved to the end. Lee and Peele provide a troubling reminder of the past and a cautionary tale of the present. Many in our theater laughed, cheered and left humbled and disturbed. Powerful movie.

What America Needs

drewcollins-8919519 August 2018
After a very stale and political year, as far as cinema goes, this political film is very refreshing and is exactly what America needs. The film steers clear of hate and instead focuses on the main theme…and tagline of the movie “all power to all the people”.

I’ll be perfectly honest and say I was not expecting such a good movie as I’m not big into Spike Lee

Pros: -The film has an exceptional amount of comedy. Just enough to keep you laughing, but not so much that it takes away from the story.

-You will feel for the characters. They are very strongly developed.

-The cinematography and colors are beautiful. Very soft to look at

-The story has a fantastic message

-I can see this movie being popular for years to come.

Cons: -Some of the dialogue seems very forced.

-Choppy editing at some points

-1 extremely noticable continuity error

-The last scene in the movie (if you can call it part of the movie) should cut completely. While it has significant impact on audiences today, it will struggle to find any impact 10 years from now.

Brilliant film!

james-patrick-732-46346813 August 2018
Perfect blend of humor and drama to tell this incredibly important story. Racism is so stupid. The last 5 minutes is a nice reminder of where we’re at as a nation unfortunately.

This should win best picture and director and lead actor and others. Brilliant.

nybbles5 September 2018
I think other reviewers are correct that the racists are downvoting this movie, Which just proves the point that America (and the world) still has a lot of hateful deplorable people. This movie is brilliant on so many levels. It has funny moments while still managing to break your heart that we haven’t grown past this stupidity yet. This is my favorite Spike Lee movie so far. Do yourself a favor and see this movie.

Something to think about

sambormann19 August 2018
Blackkklansman strongly depicts what was and still is wrong with america and the ideologies many still believe in.

Powerful and Moving.

gmmndrsn20 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers

Go See!!!

trinityofsix28 August 2018
The movie was of a serious nature- serious subject matter- serious views/opinions. Spike Lee did a masterful job of taking all that and putting the fire out before it started. All the cast did a masterful job- and really fit their part ( hope they don’t get typecasted!) It is a movie that each individual must reflect on ..Can’t help it. Good movie – a have to see…

Great movie with a gut punch ending.

richardpotts-010514 September 2018
There are some low ratings here, they are likely racist or Trump supporters, likely both. Don’t believe them. Go see this NOW. Spike Lee at his finest, telling a true story of a black cop who infiltrates the KKK. Part history, part suspense, with some comic relief as well, this movie takes you on a thrill ride. Then, at the end, a hard turn to reality. Best picture nominee for sure.

Spike Lee at his best

Jared_Andrews21 August 2018
Spike Lee’s talent never left. As is the case with great filmmakers, his perspective, his style and his vision have been present in all his work. As is also the case with great filmmakers, some of his work simply towers above the rest. ‘Blackkklansman’ is one of those towering achievements.

The film is difficult to classify because it transcends a single genre. At various times it’s funny, dramatic, suspenseful, provocative. Often, it’s many things at once. The one consistency of this heterogenous mixture, is excellence.

The story revolves around a college graduate, Ron Stallworth, who becomes the first black person to work for the Colorado Springs Police Department. Playing Ron is John David Washington, who, like his father, Denzel, carries himself and speaks with composure and power. He has a way of calmly making his presence felt without ever posing a threat, which is why the police chief believes he can command respect and handle the abuse he will surely take from the racist civilians (and fellow officers).

Ron quickly wins a chance to go undercover at a speaking event for a former black panther leader. His task to learn if the speaker is looking to incite violence (he’s not). After a successful first mission, Ron is assigned to undercover work, and, one a whim, calls the number for the local KKK that he read in the paper. Buttering up the Klan-or as they call themselves, the organization-with fake white supremacist talk, he arranges a meeting. Since he’s black, he teams up with a white officer, Flip (Adam Driver, who is spectacular in his role), to form the combined Ron Stallworth. It works like a charm because, as the real Ron says, “with the right white man, we can do anything.”

Spike Lee is fair in his portrayal of everyone. Within some of the Klansman, there exists a puzzling contradiction-they’re polite, courteous, and charismatic, but they’re also despicable racists. Klan national director, David Duke, gracious to all the people all the white people he meets, but also says things like, “blacks are an in inferior race. It’s a fact.” Topher Grace plays Duke, a challenging role, with nuance and something that resembles likability (aside from the racism, obviously). Duke and a couple other Klansman are the kind of people that you could meet without knowing anything about them, and you might describe them as gentlemen. That is, until they slip a racist comment into conversation.

Other members of the Klan are slobbering, disgusting overt racists. Both types of people feel real, because they both are.

The police are portrayed fairly too. Some are evolved, others are trying but not quite there, and others are just as appalling as the slobbering, disgusting overt racist Klansman.

Spike Lee is at his best, as he typically is when working with material about race in America. Subtlety isn’t always his strength or his intention, hence the mix of over-the-top and subtle racism. He opts to hammer home his message at the film’s closing with some footage of last year’s march in Charlottesville and the sound bites from a certain political figure that followed. Some viewers may argue that this footage wasn’t needed. I think the film would work fine without it, but it certainly adds an extra punch.

The film’s narrative is so utterly fascinating as a crime story that the elements of race could be removed and the movie would still work. But, it’s the poignant social commentary that elevates the project to best picture contention.

There’s so much going on that it’s definitely a movie that needs to be watched twice. As great as it is the first time, I imagine that it’s even better on the second viewing.

In any case, ‘Blackkklansman’ is one of the best movies of the year and one we will likely be thinking about for a long time.

Everyone should see this movie…!

postwaleed-599-72447312 August 2018
This, BlackkKlansman, was one of the most entertaining Spike Lee movies of all time ! ! ! My wife and I went to see this movie along with 2 friends. We all raved at how well this movie was put together. KUDOS TO MR. SPIKE LEE for a thoroughly entertaining and educational movie…!


cultfilmfan3 September 2018
Spike Lee has not had a commercial, or critical hit since 2006’s Inside Man, and after that he would often attempt to get bigger films off the ground such as Miracle at St. Anna, or his remake of Oldboy, a few years ago, but both films were neither received well, nor did they have the box office receipts to prove they were hits, in fact the complete opposite. Lee, who I have always admired as a filmmaker, did get other projects going since and during that time, but mostly they were smaller films that would only play in the very biggest of cities meaning that if you lived anywhere else you would either have to rent, buy, or stream the films in order to keep up to date with his body of work. Lee needed a film that was both going to be a critical success, but also one that would attract audiences and actually make some money as well. When his new film, Blackkklansman premiered at Cannes, I am certainly not sure what audiences, or critics were expecting, but the result turned out to be Lee’s best reviewed film in probably longer than a decade as well as winning some of the top prizes at Cannes, which in my mind because of their very particular, yet often right on the money judgements, this meant that Lee’s new film was great, but how would audiences fare and let alone the movie when it had a theatrical release date right in the middle of summer which we often know can be very difficult for smaller and more intelligent films? Blackkklansman continued to earn rave reviews as more critics were able to see it and the film was even given a wide release by it’s distributor and the film was made for roughly 15 million dollars and after not even a month of release it has already doubled that amount in box office returns and has many saying that it is certainly a contender for Best Picture at next year’s Oscars and in my mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if the film, or Lee himself were standing on that stage next year picking up their awards. Having now seen the film myself, I will have to be honest and say that the style and tone of the film was a bit of a surprise to me because I was not expecting it to be so comedic and yet I found it often worked by also dealing with pretty upsetting subject matter and allowing us a chance to breathe and also to get immersed within the film and have a good chuckle as well as getting some hard hitting material as well, so I felt the balance which at first may have taken a little bit to get used to, ended up working beautifully. The story in itself is one of this year, or any recent year’s most interesting plots around and the fact that it is all based upon a true story further adds fascination and a great emotional impact at the end of the film. The performances both by the leading cast as well as supporting were all fantastic and some of the best of the year. The script which Lee had a hand in writing is often smart, funny, intriguing and like any of Lee’s best films, it also hits home and gets a point across that will certainly leave you shaken and stunned by the time you have walked out of the theatre. Lee has always been known for being angry at the world’s injustices especially regarding race and this new film is no different. I appreciated that the violence in the film was toned down and realistically there was very little of it, so I think it would also bring more viewers in that way. The racial hatred, bigotry and language of which the film has lots, can be offensive and almost sickening at times, but we know why Lee went for this and he certainly gets his point across and then some. This is a film that is fascinating entertainment and also entertainment that will make you think about what you have just seen and may even change the way you look at current events and American history itself. The all too true aspect that is most disturbing is that this kind of hatred and acts of violence still exist and there are too many of these type of stories in the news today which makes the message of this film all the more timely and prevalent. This is one of the year’s best films if not the best film of the year so far.

Best movie of the year !

mooksberlin14 August 2018
I am a 50 year old white male from Germany and have watched this movie in a theatre in Midtown New York. The audience was extremely diverse, black, latino, white, young, old, male, female and the crowd absolutely loved this movie. Several times standing ovations and long applause after the movie was a first for me, but it was well deserved. The plot, the humor, the actors – all top notch and if Spike Lee will not receive an Oscar for this movie I do not know what he needs to do to get one. And to all the racists who give this movie 1 or 2 stars, why did you watch it anyway if you knew already that you dislike black people and a strong piece of US history ?

Must see

lmerry119 August 2018
Mr. Lee uses every trick in his vast catalog to bring racism right into your lap. It’s painful, powerful, and brilliant. The acting was incredible all around. Thank heavens Mr. Belafonte is still with us and able to be the truth-sayer about past horrors. Mr. Lee continues to be a beacon of truth about our current racial demons. See this movie! #BlackLivesMatter #NotMyFascistPresident #WeNeedMoreSpikeLee



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