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No words to describe it..

tanmoy-517963 November 2018
The most unusual and best series ever. The narrative is disjointed but still makes it captivating. And a certain kind of maturity is present throughout the show.

tried to watch it, really — fell asleep

trimblair30 September 2018
It is unfunny, unoriginal and celebrates the BLM and entitlement, victim mentality of most of Atlanta’s populous … skip this hard

Top Shelf

dougweaver-8460425 September 2018
A beautifully realised look at the absurdity of life . Smart , funny and genuine . I am really enjoying it .

Season 2 keeps things fresh with original and unpredictable storylines

ok_english_bt27 August 2018
Enjoyed Season 1 of ‘Atlanta’ but didn’t start really getting into it until 2. I’m middle-aged and white, so don’t pretend to identify with the lives of these guys, but can see the comic (not to mention social) potential in a series like this and thought a lot of things were well-observed. If at any point ‘Atlanta’ did annoy me I’m pretty sure it was the writers’ intention (eg Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino’s character ‘Earn’ is clearly meant to be complicated and frustrating). Season 2 goes all over the place, literally, with some very dark and funny moments! The art of this kind of TV series is when you keep coming back to moments in your mind afterwards. Smoking weed under the confederate flag on the university campus, Darius (Lakeith Stanfield)’s visit to the rich crazy recluse to collect the piano, that weird episode when Earn and Van (Zazie Beetz) visit a German festival … probably all topped off by the episode where ‘Paper Boi’ (Bryan Tyree Henry) gets dragged around by the crazy barber. Henry’s bemused expressions are priceless, don’t remember the last time I laughed so much (think that was the intention? :))

This is not a review but a petition that I hope it goes viral.

JackTejada13 August 2018
Dear Atlanta writers.

If Paper Boy ever goes to Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia to be exact; or Austin, Texas maybe. Please, make sure you get a cameo from Nardwuar the Human Serviette, an interview should be hilarious.

Relaxed Brilliance

thomasjay-5227729 July 2018
This show is quite simply fantastic and unapologetically relevant ‘Atlanta’ showcases the brilliance of Glover and his creative team whom deserve every accolade they get as they delve into the lives of not only industry workers and creatives but of minirities in the contemporary setting of modern America. Feeling accessible at every stage and with plenty to offer the relaxed, laidback tone of the show is amazing I highly recommend

FX keeps KILLING it!!

bramstayer24 July 2018
THIS IS AMERICA …….Love this show grateful im caught up missed the penultimate episode of season and the marathons will never been unappreciated. It’s just a show that s actually shows people speaking in real dialogue & is touching even warm in its sensitivity to the characters in the most womderful surprises. It funny its timely these are ambitiously fun mostly good young Americans trying to go mobile in the upward direction. I wonder why we havent seen these kind of men women and kids in a realistic portrayal on tv before. THANKS FX…i love all the characters Donald is so handsome cute and Val the most beautiful actress ive seen on tv. Until Ms.Angela Bassett is back for more AHS!! This is such good timing for me.I once cancelled my cable for 5 years. And was thinking if theres no more Thrones or any really great shows i wont pay 120$ for tv! But im betting on FX even better than HBO WESTWORLD included! I love to be transported by art. Good tv now is what storybased films were when studios didnt bank on 5 superhero 3D flicks to make up the big money. Its got to be why we get the director of Shawshank to start the Walking deads first season.they wont be inedible for long now, based on rumours, but i am gonna wanna watch paperboi learn those hard lessons with Earn and Darius& Val et al…..really great show to look for song selections…and to the folks who MAKE Atlanta..youre on the right network! I look forward to more cool shows…marathons are grest for temporary depression and look the tunnel is back fkr season 3!!!!!! YYEEAAHHH.

“Atlanta: Season One” Review

chudioraedu-9546318 July 2018
I absolutely love this show. It is definitely one of the most profound, thought-provoking television series of modern time. The way that Donald Glover creates social commentary through humorous situations is reminiscent of The Boondocks’ style of comedy. While I personally find this series to be phenomenal, it is an acquired taste. If you enjoy social commentary and keep an open mind, then Atlanta will definitely be the show for you.

The story of Atlanta is that it is a surreal television show focused around sociopolitical issues and the lives of Earn, Alfred, Darius and Vanessa as Alfred and Earn struggle to become successful in the Atlanta rap scene. Each episode is connected through the plot line of Paperboi’s rap career and how it affects the other character, but they all focus on different elements of the society that the characters inhabit.

The messages that this show portrays through conflict are astounding. There are multiple conflicts that occur between characters throughout the show, and the majority of these conflicts are indicative of how violence affects the Black community. Earn is depicted to have an internal struggle as he strives to provide for his family and rectify his shortcomings. This often results in Earn having to make difficult decisions such as living inside of a storage facility and pawning his iPhone for a meager price. There are also a variety of societal conflicts depicted in this series. Everything from transphobia to racism to classism is touched upon in this show.

In general, Atlanta serves as a commentary on the Black experience in modern America. Each episode deals with these characters coping in a society that places them at a disadvantage, yet expects success from them regardless of their status.


sheickitout13 July 2018
Waited this long to watch this show. needs more audience. people will love this show. Donald Glover and his team are brilliant individuals.

One line

strike-19952 July 2018
The satire is admirable. A little of Donald glover can steal a narrative, a lot of Donald glover can push it overboard.

Donald Glover

memphisthomas-8155525 May 2018
Aka Childish Gambino, now that’s he is all political and shi* just can’t even watch the show. Like the show thinks it’s so creative and smarter than the viewer when really it’s kind of boring and trivial not to mention stereotypical.

Entertaining on so many levels

jasonrussellaj21 May 2018
The script keeps you guessing not just between episodes, but inside of each show. One minute you are laughing, the next trying to figure out where the characters are going next. Definetly sit down with a mind ready to be expanded.

While I don’t relate to the culture depicted, Donald Glover does an amazing job at placing you inside each characters mind.

Don’t know if it makes we want to travel to Atlanta (there is a Georgia tourism apple at the end of some shows I noticed), but wouldn’t mind getting some of the food shipped.

Theodore Perkins and the cut out of Drake marked my favorite guest stars.

Paper Boi and Darrius are great complements to Earn. The dynamic feels real and just hoping they all aren’t too famous and busy to give us a Season 3.

It maybe a review for Season 2, but Season 1 was as good as this

kaustavmajumdar16 May 2018
I am not sure if I had put in a review for the first season of the show which I why I feel necessary to start off with the fact it was absolutely brilliant and I considered a 9 out of 10 and re-binged just when season 2 started off.

I would like to keep my review of Atlanta S2 very much like the season itself: short and to the point. It is crisp with humor and subtle parodic representation of the world and somehow manages to squeeze great moments like ‘Alligator Man’, ‘Money Bag Shawty’, ‘Barbershop’ (It was ridiculous and almost made snap and laugh simulataneously), ‘Teddy Perkins’ and ‘FUBU'( Special episdoe of sorts where the general storytelling is shifted differently; Like it was for ‘B.A.N’ back in season 1). And as the season ended with ‘Crabs in A Barrel’, we got throwback references and a look at how far The paerboi crew have come and reaffirm their loyalties (which means stuff gon be alright for S3, at least as much as it can be in the Glover Brother & co. direction of the narrative ;p). I really liked Hiro Murai’s direction in the season, all more buoyed by the ‘This Is America’ official vidoe by Don Glove (Sounds like One Piece manga character; I can only hope someone drops into Eiichiro Oda’s ears) which so much fun and felt like it was cut out of some Atlanta dream clip scene for Earn himself. The main cast is very good, spotlight on Zazie Beetz for landing Domino in Deadpool 2 and nailing the humor in it and Brian Tyree Henry who is actually a soulful siinger who attended Yale Drama School and sang ‘We Can Always Come Back To This’ in the tear-jerking TV show This Is Us. Darius is Darius is Darius (I know the actor has a name, is a succesful rapper but Darius, ya know). I would like to end with kudos to the writers for portraying so many social commentaries in an enjoyable and tactful manner and I look forward to the next season from your pens to our screens.

One of the best shows by far

jennyp-007399 May 2018
Kept seeing previews of this show while I watched something mindless like Real Housewives or similar. Finally put it on and didn’t realize it was a whole season in. Currently binge watching and am almost through the first one….

This show is amazing. I saw it listed as comedy, which it’s not in the conventional sense. More of a spot on social commentary. Like a wink and nod to real situations. Most shows have a learning curve where the actors take a few episodes of getting into character. Pilots are normally awful. Not the case with this one. Everyone is so natural where you believe it from the get go. It just keeps getting better with each episode.

The rating on the tv says MA on every episodes, but I have yet to see anything super offensive compared to half the stuff on tv.

One of the best shows on TV

j-a-mordaunt4 May 2018
It’s the best half hour comedy/drama to come out in a long time. Great acting, directing and even better writing. Donald Glover is a force to be wreckened with.

Nothing else like it

mosnowvt664 May 2018
It’s shockingly real, hilariously sad, terrifyingly and I can’t get enough. Paper Boi, Darius, Van and Earn are so real it hurts. Season 2 has truly tested every boundary. Genius In every scene. I watch and rewatch, just gets better

Can’t get that Paper Boi song out of my head

deloudelouvain21 April 2018
After just finishing the first season, that I almost binge watched since the episodes are so short, I can see the potential of this series to go for many more seasons. It’s not hilarious but there are some subtle humorous passages that makes you want to watch more. Brian Tyree Henry as Paper Boi is to me the funniest character of this show, and I think the whole series should be more centered about his character. The rest of the cast is also good, and all contribute in a different way to the story. A story about people trying to make it in the rap scene and in their daily lifes. I’m going to start the second season and I expect to still be entertained by this easy to watch show. Perfect to finish an evening before going to sleep.

I Really Like This So Far

plasticanimalz20 April 2018
I’m only a couple episodes in but this is a pleasant surprise. I’ve hovered over the show a few times, considered watching it, but you never know with comedies. So far I would call it a bit of a dramedy as the comedy is pretty subtle so far. The acting is really good and I really like the storytelling and pacing. Excellent writing. Thus far I would say the show floats somewhere between and 8 and 9 for me. I really loved the scene with the main character in the jail processing area. You really felt for him. And seeing all the crazy characters around him and their banter. I also liked seeing the perspective of Paperboy and his early stages of finding attention from fans and the stress of being labeled an old school rapper. Just a very well done show.

Not funny whatsoever. No storyline. Not much of anything.

ravenosa20 April 2018
I think my review covers whatever this show is trying to be.

Can’t think of a more tired attempt at a new Seinfeld “nothing” style of show than this one.

Pushes Boundaries

celar777 April 2018
I love Donald Glover’s Atlanta specifically because you never know what you are going to get. Every episode is funny, yet it touches on some deep subject matter that allows you to relate the story to your own life. This is by far my most favorite show on television.

Atlanta is a co-star

morganshs27 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There is a hilarious moment in the 2nd episode, season 2 (I think) where Paper Boi calls for a Lyft car to take him home from his studio. He and the driver talk nicely and the driver expresses a strong liking for Paper’s Boi’s music. Suddenly the driver turns around and points a gun at his passenger demanding everything he has. But the driver is so sweet and apologetic and keeps explaining how he needs the money and is so sorry to do this. He goes on and on so nicely you really feel sorry for him. But that is the city of Atlanta. Courtesy is number one, combined with a sweetness that is irresistible. I’ve lived here all my life and while there is plenty of violence for sure, most people are darlings, even when they are ripping you off.

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