Atlanta – Robbin’ Season

Atlanta Season 2 keeps and builds upon what made the first season so unique and engrossing. But it ups the ante with a new vibe that’s entirely its own and, despite being a bit darker, it’s a vibe that feels really cool and fun.

The season’s title “Robbin’ Season” refers to the period before Christmas when people have more stuff and more cash, so robberies increase accordingly. There’s a desperation to all the characters now: there are people who need shit and there are those that have it and could have it taken from them at any time.

The somberness and desperation is still tempered with comedy. Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) is still the hilarious weirdo he always was and new characters are introduced who provide added comic relief. Comedy is also found within the desperate moments; things may feel bleak but the series manages to recognize a funniness inherent to that bleakness. Finally, Atlanta always had its finger on the pulse of our technology-driven culture, riffing on texting, social media, and YouTube and it continues to draw from that comedic well in smart and observant ways.



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