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Powerful performance from Taraji Henson and Lyriq Bent

stavrosalo6 November 2018
It’s been a while since I wrote a review, but I had to do it. This movie is so underrated, the movie is amazing all the way, the performances by all the cast special Taraji and Lyriq were so powerful, the plot is amazing and the flow of the movie since it’s very first few seconds till the start of the end credits will keep you on your toes. Such a wonderful movie, I recommend everyone to watch you, you won’t regret it. Remember, perception is reality

Fatal Attraction goes ballistic and ghetto!

bronzesrv4 November 2018
This is absolute tacky, gutter, trash! I am not a Tyler Perry fan! I am tired of his gutter type movies! I’m tired of him portraying black women as classless, lunatics, tacky, obnoxious, absolutely pathetic! When will the stigma on black women end!? I absolutely hated this movie! I only watched it cuz my brother-in-law had told me it was good, so he gets the DVD movie and puts it in. I hated it.! It doesn’t deserve a review! It doesn’t deserve a one, the one was for the husband in the movie, oh bless his heart ! Even though he had his faults when he got himself together he did try to make things right with his crazy b**** of a wife! The ending was absolutely ridiculous, ludicrous, and disgusting!

Watch it, I recommend. Ignore the haters!

info-3724022 October 2018
This is my first time to write a review… It looks like Tyler Perry has many haters! I came to a conclusion that the low rating is not really because of the movie, but the person or people behind the movie.

I personally enjoyed the movie, it has powerful messages – mixture of feelings throughout the movie. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then I recommend it. Strictly ignore the ratings and just watch it.

A Glorified Soap Opera

MisterSisterFister19 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Man, I really wanted to like this film. I honestly, truly did. I love Taraji P. and Tyler Perry … is a filmmaker.

But, seriously, why this disgusting, obnoxious, boring film? Why is it filled with unlikeable and shallow characters? Everything about this frustratingly stupid film straight up pissed me off and I don’t usually get mad with movies.

This is the worst film of 2018 so far. I hope this nonsense sweeps the Razzies. If so, then Tyler Perry needs to set aside his “screenplays” and start building a bigger shelf.

Oh yeah. The lead character dies in the end. GOOD.


jocelynbrooks-3720814 October 2018
This movie was mindblowing past the point of being able to explain. I think the plot was well thought out and Tarajis acting was AMAZING! She did an exceptional job acting out the reality of this situation that actually happens in real life. Sometimes situations and or people can get you to become mentally unstable. I’m in shock at how Good the plot was. This movie is SO WORTH your time and money

Mind blown!

kamau-152676 October 2018
Taraji really boodied all her scenes. It’s really a great movie. Hell has no fury with a woman’s rage.” Worst enemy am sure everyone else agrees to that. See this movie ASAP

A gradual descent into madness.

TxMike4 October 2018
I watched this movie at home on BluRay from my public library. My wife didn’t want to see it.

I like Tyler Perry, he’s a cool guy and he is from New Orleans. But I don’t care for much of his stuff, too silly and unrelatable.

This one is different, he tells a tale of a boy and girl who meet in college, he is an engineering student. They fall in love, they marry in spite of many objections of relatives. As they mature his hopes of striking it rich with a new type of battery he is inventing dwindle to the point where they go broke, even spending the inheritance from her mother, and eventually losing the home.

Taraji P. Henson is super good in the role of Melinda who has a real angry streak in her. As she says the type that would burn down the house she was in to get back at someone. Much of the story is narrated by her as she talks to a court-ordered psychiatrist. But she only really goes off the very deep end after her now ex-husband’s battery finally gets him rich and, even though she got rich too she couldn’t bear to see some other woman have the life she considered hers.

At times the script and acting seem a bit too extreme, could this behavior really be plausible? The answer ultimately is “yes”, we see it in the news on a regular basis. This story of Perry’s doesn’t always ring true but overall it strikes a chord.

The WORST Movie I’ve Ever Seen… Seriously, the WORST!!!

SoulPicassa14 November 2018
The storyline was all over the place. Terrible writing. The whole thing was just horrendous. I can’t say anymore because I don’t want my migraine to come back!

Great acting and concept

steevogee3 October 2018
As always taraji made an outstanding performance and so did the supporting actors. The basis of the story was good but the execution was a bland. It is a really slow moving movie with almost no high points.

Acrimony was a good movie

MajidMsa29 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Amazing its very sad the ending was effed up, nice twist

Taraji The Slayer

ttsart26 September 2018
Wow, what an epic drama. I love Taraji’s versatility. She is becoming more and more of a stand out lead actress!

A more cheesy and contrived ‘FATAL ATTRACTION’, from the mind of Tyler Perry.

Hellmant14 September 2018
‘ACRIMONY’: Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A thriller written and directed by Tyler Perry, about an obsessive but faithful wife, who seeks vengeance on her unfaithful but loving husband. The movie stars Taraji P. Henson, Lyriq Bent and Crystle Stewart. Like almost all of Perry’s films, the movie got almost unanimous negative reviews from critics, but it was a hit at the Box Office though. I haven’t watched a Tyler Perry movie in some time, but this one is definitely better than the earlier ones of his I saw years ago (which I hated). Still, this is far from a good movie, but it is at least amusing and somewhat involving. Also Henson is fantastic in the lead, like always. It’s kind of like a more cheesy and contrived ‘FATAL ATTRACTION’, from the mind of Tyler Perry.

Deeeeeep movie with loads of lessons

nanidee-809743 September 2018
This is a must-watch! Definitely recommend it! It would make you think, and then think again.

For me, its nit about rage, but about 3 main themes: l) love 2)trust 3) Ambition.

The story portrays the possible outcomes that can occur (especially in a marriage) when all 3 themes stated above, have the wrong priorities.

The negative reviews on this are totally exaggerated. Watch for yourself.

appleofmyyeye31 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
If I had listened to the negative reviews, I would have missed out on a good movie. It was entertaining and thought-provoking.

Actors: Phenomenal performance from all the cast. I could feel Taraji’s pain, anger and brokenness.

Plot: While I couldn’t relate to why Melinda (Taraji) went so obsessive in the end, I still respect and admire the “crazy” turn it took. In Robert’s mind, he did right by her in the end. Yes, he didn’t fight for her as hard as he could, but I think in his mind she gave up on him, and someone (Diana) took him in at his lowest and led him to the opportunity that made him successful. I don’t see him as a bad man. I saw a man fighting for what he believed in even if everyone failed to see it. I think what broke Melinda and made her spiral into “crazy” territory is the woman. Diana was a reminder of the pain of what happened all those years. Because of the incident that night, Melinda not only lost trust for her man, but also lost the ability to conceive. Maybe if he had moved on with a different woman, she wouldn’t have cracked like that?

This is maybe my favorite Tyler Perry movie. Forget all the haters, this movie was a hit.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman on steroids

basquiat-9550320 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This film started so slow but the narration of Melinda gave me a reference that this was gonna be a good fit, at first I kept thinking that Robert was just using her and that her sisters all but one thought he was a loser and wouldn’t amount to anything, Melinda was a great character and showed how a real woman can eep a relationship and a marriage for 18 years even though she knew she maybe making a mistake because yet her sisters didn’t bless the marriage. This film displays how majority of relationships and marriages fail in the black community and mostly because of friends and relatives who think they know more about their lives of the relationship/marriage and it ends. This time Melinda actually divorced Robert found a new man even when Robert said her loved her and wanted to stay married. Melinda realized everything she deserved was given to another woman but that’s life and she paid the price.


ashmanjolie18 August 2018
Ok so it took me forever to see this movie. I thought it would be another cliche. But it was better than I expected. The twists! But the ending though. Gosh!

Surprisingly good!

stephaniepollard-9746012 August 2018
Starts quite slowly and you think it’s going to be daft but it’s well worth watching. No spoilers here just watch and enjoy the film.

Ignore the Tyler Perry Haters

mhuseman-202558 August 2018
This movie was VERY entertaining. I don’t understand the Tyler-haters posts. If you don’t like him then why would you go see this? You obviously had your opinion of the movie before giving it a chance. I love all of his movies and this one had an exceptional plot. Taraji was excellent; I loved her character. Tyler gets it right on about jerk guys and the women who try to help them; then wind up getting burned. It’s so real life. This movie included sadness, love, thrills and laughs. Keep on telling stories Mr. Perry because you are doing a fantastic job! I give it a 10 – I enjoyed it very much!

A waste of time

raven-686396 August 2018
A complete waste if time. The (whole) eight days (!) It took to film could have been better used to …. do anything.

I watched because of the hype and the ‘thriller’ aspect. But, it was all about the stereotypes that the writer wanted to promote.

The acting could have been better had we not been subjected to the one-sided narration.

The end did not come soon enough.

Not even in soap standards

disup6 August 2018
This is the first films directed by Tyler Perry that I watch, and if this is supposed to be one his “best” ones according to other review. Dear god, I can’t even imagine how the others will go.

Everything on this is horrible, the awkward tv-ish cinematography (the most pathetic ive ever seen in recent years), the subpar acting, the editing, the napkin notes this movie takes as it’s script, some of the worst green screen use in the history of movie doom, etcc.

But my worst hangover I get from it, it’s that it perpetuates this idea about women beating their “cheating” men and killing them or having revenge on them as a form of empowerment. I might be leaning towards cheaters in recent years in media but seriously, the framing of the characters is all over the place. Most of them are incredibly unlikable, the only character with some interesting hint is the “cheater”. I can’t even tell if this was intentional or not but either way is awful.

The only saving grace of the movie is that I can be pretty hilarious, especially the ending, the green screen, the score, the acting, the “aftermath” is a absolute epitome of terrible beauty.

Powerful Performance

chanteflott-443-2668136 August 2018
Not, sure why such a low score but she did an amazing performance for this character. By the end you will completely see everyone’s point of view.

Immersive, and quite contrary to general opinion, believable

bricslove5 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is not crazy at all. It perfectly displays the stages up until derangement of the mind of a person who used to have flaws but was normal. First person’s point of view narration was spot-on to execute this. The movie does a good job of showing the audience the many sides of this relationship despite the fact that it was predominantly a 1st pov movie.

What pushes people over the edge might differ. Their different personalities factor in differently too and in this case the fiery personality of the antihero protagonist didn’t help. In fact because there is no hero in this movie, there is no antihero either. The movie does not deal in black and white one dimensional characters.

So just because your edges are different, do not assume the story in the movie is irrelevant. You can look up many crime stories to confirm that this is so real.

As for its being a thriller. Thrillers do not have to be “unpredictable” all the time; they are however supposed to keep you tense and involved. Cinema audience are given to consumerism and instant gratification too much. The movie holds its own even if you can guess what’s goimg to happen next up until the end. If you can still sit through to watch it in delight, then that movie is beyond its genre. In my case, it is obvious that I could.

Actors were good. I had no idea Taraji Henson was such a capable actress. Looking forward to seeing more of her movies where she gets the big part.

So. Give the mysteries of the human psyche a chance to make room for a variety of shoes to get into and walk in your own minds.

Superb writing, stupendous acting.

SuccessA4 August 2018
We see this movie through the eyes of an angry woman who felt she’s been betrayed. I’d not call the character of Lyriq Bent to the carpet because humans are not without flaws. I dare say that the character of Taraji P. Henson doesn’t understand the meaning of love, unconditional love.

When you love someone, you do not expect anything in return. Melinda should have known that but my pity was for her husband, Robert, who didn’t know that he was headed down the path of destruction the moment he and Melinda’s path crossed.

Like Whitney Houston sang – in ‘Call You Tonight’, “…destiny I believe in it…” – Lyriq Bent’s character was destined for greatness, too sad he walked down the hymneal altar with Taraji P. Henson’s character.

I would want to see Acrimony from the husband’s POV.

Tyler Perry did a good job.

One word…Awesome!

mayree-792783 August 2018
Let me start by saying, the script of this movie is amazing! You actually feel like you’re in the movie, giving advice to Melinda, feeling her frustration and holding her down when she goes bonkers. Taraji P. Henson deserves an award for her performance. Acrimony is a great film packed with lots of lessons. Honestly, I do not understand why great movies like this get poor ratings. Please go see the movie and give it a chance.
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love either makes you or breaks you
sueharriz2 August 2018
…in this movie, it’s BOTH. i love how the story starts and how it ends.the plot twist brings depth in the story, digging deeper. i hated Robert at first then I felt sorry too. MUST WATCH

“So…do YOU think you have an anger problem?”

seeingbystarlight31 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So asks an unseen therapist in Tyler Perry’s Acrimony, as we see Melinda (Taraji P Henson), open up about her husband, her life, and her bottomless pit of rage.

And as the movie progresses, we begin to understand the depth of this woman’s misery, and despair.

The story takes us back 20 years, to a rainy day in college when the life of a younger, more trusting Melinda collides with Slick, a.k.a Robert Gayle.

Their initial encounter doesn’t go well, in fact it’s a preview of coming attractions.

Their second encounter, however, sweeps Melinda off her feet. Very sadly, as it turns out.

And when her mother dies, and Robert helps her through the emotional crisis, the audience knows she’s completely lost.

Robert is handsome, Robert is charming, Robert is inventing a battery called the Gayle Force Wind. He’s also a seasoned con artist; Melinda doesn’t stand a chance.

When (against her the advice of her sisters), she tells Robert about the house, and the $350 thousand dollars she’s inherited, things start to get very serious very fast.

He uses words like “Forever”, he refers to her as “Mrs. Gayle”, he convinces the reason for his interest is not her money, it’s her.

Things also start to get ugly…

Robert doesn’t ask, he suggests. And soon his suggestions lead to her buying him a new car.

After which he disappears, only to be found two days later by Melinda, in the arms of another woman.

The ensuing confrontation ends in tragedy, and Melinda is left unable to have children.

A large part of her life destroyed, it’s hard to imagine her ever being able to justify taking Robert back.

Melinda, however, finds a way, and soon she’s being conned into paying for his last two years of college.

He proposes.

Although not with a real engagement ring.

This, he promises, will come later, when he’s wealthy, and can give her everything she wants.

The wedding is a sad affair by anyone’s standards, and soon he’s living in her house, unable to get a job because of a felony he’d thought had been expunged, and using every last cent of her inheritance on one thing: His battery.

His battery is his first love, his true love. His wife Melinda is just a way of obtaining it…

A human ATM machine of time, money, and free room and board.

And when Robert’s precious invention forces her to rewire her entire house, Melinda sees the last of her inheritance evaporate.

Twenty years pass with Melinda working two jobs while Robert does practically nothing.

Twenty years, during which her house (her mother’s house) is mortgaged.

Melinda’s youth is gone, and a slow building rage has replaced her vivacity, and self confidence.

The money for the mortgage has, of course, all gone to the battery, as her cold, and ungrateful husband awaits a call from Prescott, a company that will help him launch it.

And just when we learn there’s a foreclosure on Melinda’s home, fate intervenes in the form of an old mistress named Diana.

Diana works at Prescott. Diana is going to be the one to eventually help him score his bif home run…

And fate has another few bombs left in store, because Diana is not just AN other woman she’s THE other woman:

The lady Melinda caught Robert with all those years ago. The lady who’s unfortunate prescence caused the tragedy which prevented Melinda from ever having children.

We see the marriage go into it’s death throws, and that’s an overstatement since it was never really alive to begin with.

A relationship which should’ve ended with Melinda’s hysterectomy, has been sustained largely through Robert’s promises, and Melinda’s wishful thinking.

But the final straw comes when after fire bombing her family’s attempt to keep their mother’s house, Robert turns down an $800 thousand dollar check from Prescott to sell his battery.

With $800 thousand dollars, he could repay Melinda’s inheritance, save her house, and their marriage.

There’s a moment in the movie when we all hold our breaths, hoping against hope that he will do this…

But we know our leading man far too well by now. Robert is ambitious. He’s also greedy.

$800 thousand dollars is not what he has in mind.

And so the marriage is dissolved, with Melinda losing the house that she grew up in, and Robert waiting for Prescott to offer more.

When that happens, Robert shows up, at Melinda’s office, bearing flowers, a ten million dollar check, and the keys to her mother’s house.

This little twist is one of the finer ones in the movie because it makes something crystal clear, something which I will explain later on.

Melinda, having misinterpreted Robert’s gesture as a sign of love and reconciliation, goes to his apartment to throw herself at his feet…

And this is where the death blow occurs, because Robert is not alone in the apartment, he’s in the company of his fiance, Diana…

A woman Melinda recognizes all too clearly.

And from then on, she can only watch…

As Diana becomes the new Mrs. Gayle. As Diana gets the ring Melinda was promised, and (in a final, cruel irony) as Diana becomes pregnant with the baby, Melinda can never have.

And as Melinda becomes increasingly violent and insane, the audience knows, she has reached a point of no return.

It’s isn’t the yacht, or the designer wedding gown, or the trip to Paris that’s pushed her over the edge.

It isn’t the lavish apartment.

Or the in fact that she’s entitled to $150 million dollars instead of only ten.

It’s the fact that for the past 20 years she has lived on dreams.

Dreams of love. Dreams of devotion. Dreams of everlasting gratitude, and affection.

Money? What is that? Her mother’s house? What is that? These things pale in comparison to the adoration she so desperately craves. The promise of which has kept her alive these past two decades as everything else disintegrates.

That distant promise is why she has held on year after year, waiting for Robert to materialize as a man of substance, and integrity.

He never does, of course. That’s the big punch line.

That’s what’s made Melinda’s life into a sick, collosal joke.

There are three things that make this movie worth watching:

One: Ms. Henson’s performance.

Her transformation from an innocent victim to a ruthless destroyer is a joy to watch, it having been executed with very few flaws, none of which are her fault. And the words/definitions used to describe that transformation, really are excellent.

Two: The prescence of THE other woman, (archrival Diana). This explains Melinda’s hopeless descent into psychosis. Although I don’t agree with how the character of Diana was portrayed, I do agree with the character herself.

Three: The twist of the 10 million dollar check. This shows more than anything else could, Melinda’s lack of interest in her husband’s money. It’s a a surprising little twist, and one that I really didn’t see coming.

But there are three strikes against this movie which prevent me from giving anything higher than an 8.

One: Diana is way too sympathetic when she should be a gold digging snake. In my scenario she helps Robert with Prescott, then steals him away from Melinda, knowing that by helping him, she will, eventually, marry into his money.

Two: Melinda is a raving maniac toward the end, when she should be calmer, and more calculating. It’s the one part of her transformation I don’t agree with. Portraying her as a smart woman doing an incredibly stupid thing.

Three: Robert’s survival. I agree that Melinda should die. Her life is over. But why should Robert be allowed to live? He’s the villain.

They try to make him Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction but the strategy backfires: If he’s Michael Douglas to Melinda’s Glenn Close, he’s not the man who’s been lying, cheating and stealing year after year.

I will never see Acrimony again, but it’s a poignant, and powerful movie. Worth watching. Even if it’s only once.

gold digger goes crazy

marcbackman-9332429 July 2018
Lol, this was an entertaining one. This movie proves how money is usually more relevant than love in relationships. It’s about a woman that wants her ex-husband back after his dream comes true and makes a bunch of money. However you can’t really blame anyone for their mistakes in this movie cause of a very well written plot. a 6/10 tragedy.


dfcart0128 July 2018
He gave her 10 million and a house, it should have been over…the rest od it was typical Tyler Perry.. #ruined

Intense drama!!! Best drama ever!!!

isabella_indragostita25 July 2018
Just wow,this drama had it all!!! It was remarkable…a masterpiece!!!! Taraji P. Henson deserves an Oscar for her amazing performance!!!


humble7725 July 2018
Nothing really original. I felt that this movie was predictable and kept dragging on.

Silly. Waste of Time.

brattevictor23 July 2018
This poorly written and ineptly directed movie comprises of characters that are not just unlikable, but also as silly as the story being told. Save your brain cells and do something else with your time.

The worst ever!

nlynnlea22 July 2018
Do not waste your time. So absolutely horrible. A complete waste of whatever you paid to see this.

VIEWS ON FILM review of Acrimony

burlesonjesse520 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A working title of She’s Living My Life. Title cards with descriptive words like “Deranged”, “Sunder”, “Acrimony”, and “Bewail.” A Fatal Attraction-style ending that leaves you elated and hurt inside. A messed up relationship story that is told over a couple of decades. A Taraji P. Henson persona that turns out to be a little cray cray. It’s all here in Acrimony, my latest review.

Shot in Pittsburgh, PA, slick in its construction, told in chronological order (with a continued flashback), and featuring a detailed block of voice-over narration, Acrimony chronicles a woman who divorces her man and then sees him become rich while inhabiting the life that she thought she would have.

Henson, as the distressed Melinda Gayle, gives a type-casting performance via a troubled, female spouse on scorn alert. Her hubby named Robert Gayle (played by Lyriq Bent), is a thwarted male pinata that gets put through the sex-free, marriage ringer.

As this flick becomes a hardcore, soap opera character study with singer Nina Simone belting out soft hits in the background, Acrimony makes you take husband and wife sides while bringing you down endless detours until it finally concludes.

Acrimony, which feels like director Tyler Perry is inhabiting his own, final cut cinematic cesspool, is a struggling tug of war drama. It’s also depressingly bleak as Perry turns the screws on supposed infidelity, revenge murder, and saddened manipulation.

I was absorbed and gerrymandered all the way, seeing where Acrimony’s tale would take me even knowing that the film might suffuse and reach an unsatisfactory dead end.

Tyler Perry, with rage and a bone to pick with women who don’t know they’re going off the deep end, has flawed men on the loom and some real balls to put out a movie like this. I’m gonna recommend Acrimony for its Lifetime, TV method of keeping you plastered to the screen. Montell Williams would certainly wanna take a knee here. Rating: 3 stars.

Don’t just watch this once

cortez111817 July 2018
Great FILM with opposing viewpoints between the female and male perspectives! Being able to see the film from both angles of the husband and wife forces the viewer to chose a side of sympathy/empathy or a side of logic. I personally can’t watch this movie without experiences multiple emotions due to the great plot twists intensity of the story line! Well done Tyler Perry.

Basic Review

andrewgrgtwn15 July 2018
My wife and I really enjoyed this porncorn flick, the movie won’t win any oscars but was enjoyable regardless.

New respect

nhisnameilive15 July 2018
I have a renewed respect for Tyler Perry. This project was riveting and absolutely one of his best. I was drawn into the story line and deeply felt the performance of the cast. Bravo!

The rating of this movie is wicked

davo-1651214 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I can’t say much but now I can never watch a movie by its rating nd something tells me the reason this movie is underrated was just because of how the faithful wife (Henson) with her anger issues ended up in this movie. Shame on whatever people or reason that influences this ratings. I personally always go for action movies but then this movie was unbelievable we watched it for abt 5hrs pausing ND arguing with my siblings dehm this movie is great it surely deserves some accolades.

Not the right movie for Henson

bettycjung12 July 2018
7/12/18. Henson can be really good, but it has to be the right role for her. This is not the right role. Like, she was really good in “Person of Interest.” She likes to play tough cookies, but when they crumble, they crumble hard.I like Perry, too, but he’s only good when playing Madea, it seems. His other movies are only average by comparison.

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